Jul 28, 2011


Fresh off the mission on medical release. I wanna stroke the ear hole for a minute until I return, but I wanna keep it clean, uplifting. No cuss, mang! No drama, just straight melt your face off.


Jun 7, 2010

June Mix--Plunder Guild Heartrate: 2 bp/annum

suckle on this, guilders and friends. no theme. just songs. keeping the club heart thumping.



The Durutti Column--Otis
Obits--Two-Headed Coin
Joanna Newsome--Jackrabbits
Parchman Farm Laborer--No More My lord
Lindsey Buckingham--I am Waiting
the Posies--Coming Right Along
Washington Phillips--Lift Him Up, That's All
Felt--Down But Not Yet Out
NoMeansNo--Rag 'n Bone
Emperor X--Raytracer
Thee More Shallows--Monkey vs. Shark
Washed Out--Feel it All Around
The Bad Plus--Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Those Bastard Souls--Telegram

Sep 18, 2009


I started to make a mix of just anything that's been dominating my inner ear. I wanted you all to hear it, to sit 'round like nighthawks at the Double T again, stale coffee, jukin our tunes for each other.

Shootan the Breeze: it was a mix intended to say just that. But music is cathartic, and the jukebox that sits at the end of our table is a troubadour of life. In retro-mix-spective my emotions had their own agenda.

Stranger, I don't know why I've told you this. Not a soul has heard it since it's genesis one year ago, but if your listening ears are poised (and I've known the Guild to have proclivity to this) that nasty little music box will sing Pandora's song.

1. Hey - Pixies
2. I Live Off You (live) - X-ray Spex
3. Your Rocky Spine - Great Lake Swimmers
4. Love, Love, Love (Everyone) - Akron/Family
5. Poison Dart - The Bug
6. A Whorehouse is Any House - Bonnie "Prince" Billy
7. Chilly Kisses - Millie Small
8. Technicolour - Nurses
9. Native Soil - Sarah Harmer
10. Stand By Your Man - Tammy Wynette
11. You Asked Me To (Single Version) - Waylon Jennings
12. Ruby Tuesday - Melanie
13. Drops in the River - Fleet Foxes
14. Watch Her Disappear - Tom Waits

She breaks her tunneled gaze from a mugged and blackened pool of coffee
: Pass the creme, wouldjya?


Apr 5, 2009

A Notwist Sandwich, Served with Love

Click HERE for this mix

There isn’t really a theme to this…some things I surprisingly haven’t put on earlier mixes, other things I recently found. Some specific notes and preemptive defense of tracks:

Tracks 1 and 22: I was steered in the direction of the Notwist by Jonrex, whose tastes never let me down, and they didn’t this time. I was wrestling to select 1 of 2 songs to include on here, and I just decided to put them both up.

Track 2: Complete teenage-lust puberty-voice badassery.

Track 3: This song has been trapped in my skull for months now—these folks are an intensely odd German band, sort of channeling both Trans Am and Blondie into a compellingly catchy and weird stew of Roland synth and thumpy bass. And I think somewhere in the song she says “Arrow of Light.” Biographical aside, as a Boy Scout, I earned my “Arrow of light Award” in 1995.

Track 6: Some people might groan whenever I start dropping Silkworm on them. I understand. This track is a lo-fi acoustic keeper though. Give it a chance.

Track 10: Grifters again, yes, sorry. Their catalogue just has too many hot spots. I can’t get over the transitions in this track, and David Shouse’s lyrics/vocals are always top-drawer.

Track 11: Que canção maravilhosa.

Track 13: Remember At the Drive In → Sparta? Same vocalist…this song starts slowly, but starts stomping…kills me when it picks up and “For a while I tried” drops in…

Track 20: This one also starts slowly, and sometimes Sheik’s lyrics get on my nerves, but the guitar work on the bridge and outro is grand.

Many of the other songs are from derivative bands or friends of the Kinsella brothers (American Football). Noyes, The One Up Downstairs, Very Secretary—there is a thread running through these tracks and it isn’t just killer guitar chops.


Track list...
1. One Step Inside Doesn't Mean You Understand--The Notwist
2. I Want Some More--Chan Romero
3. Satan Highway--Eagle Boston
4. Restless--Langhorne Slim
5. Fear Of Trains--The Magnetic Fields
6. Leading The Evening--Silkworm
7. Throw Your Arms Around Me--Hunters & Collectors
8. The Ballad of Paladin--Johnny Western
9. This Is the Bad 1--Noyes
10. Slow Day for the Cleaner--The Grifters
11. Alone Again Or--Love
12. Waiting On the Stairs--Pela
13. Wednesday Nights--Sleepercar
14. Demon Host--Timber Timbre
15. Rememories--The One Up Downstairs
16. Paper Bag--Very Secretary
17. I Got a Line On You--Spirit
18. First Words--Favorite Saints
19. Thirteen--Big Star
20. Hidden Track--duncan sheik
21. Friends--Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
22. Gone Gone Gone--The Notwist

Dec 13, 2008


Winter Oak by Eyvind Earle

Get it before it melts

Before I moved north and east I sold my car which forced me clean out my trunk. In doing so. I found things long thought to have gone the way of all the earth. One important find was my CD collection. As I was rifling through the cobwebs and dust lined artifact two things struck me: I have loads of sweet sweet 80's pop, guilty though it may be - and, I haven't ripped any of them into digital form so they can be numbered among the very great.

I have remedied the latter and to enjoy the former to the fullest I have made it a point to put at least one 80's guilty pleasure on every mix or playlist. So you will have to be patient if it is not your favorite brand of free music because I am finding these songs to be high quality fun smothered in tasty nostalgia gravy.

Also, I only put a few holiday themed songs on there because I don't find the majority of it palatable enough to make a whole mix of it, (though that could be fun to compile a mix of the most dry-heavingly abhorrent Christmas songs) but I felt a few were warranted.

So here it is. I had more than a little trouble with the silliness of MediaFire as my OG mix was 107MB and it can only be 100MB and it didn't know that for about 5 frantic hours, so if this doesn't work let me know so I can stress over 5 more. Sadly we lost Vince Guaraldi's Christmas Time is Here because of the size restriction. But you can't argue with the freeness of the site, so I comply willingly.


1. It's Five o'Clock -- Aphrodite's Child
2. Ahn -- Benoit Piolard
3. Landing Light -- No Pasaran
4. Holiday Machine -- Bottom of the Hudson*
5. The Shy Retirer -- Arab Strap
6. Christmas Song -- Dave Matthews & Tim Reyonlds (come on...we all knew eventually I would out him on a mix)
7. You Know More Than I Know -- John Cale
8. Dripping Whispers -- The Soul's Release
9. I Want Wind To Blow -- The Microphones
10. In The Margins -- Echo & the Bunnymen
11. M62 Song -- Doves
12. Oh L'Amour -- Erasure
13. Blue Tulip -- Bon Iver
14. The Furnace -- Merusault
15. Ruby Tuesday -- Franco Battiato
16. The Look of Love -- ABC
17. The Streets in the Rain -- The Samples
18. You Lost Sight of Me -- Micah P. Hinson
19. Fairytale of New York -- The Pogues

*Holiday Machine is one of those random songs that I don't remember how I got. I double checked this Guild and couldn't find evidence that it came from here so I am using it. However, if I have inadvertently pulled a Gillilli and pilfered a song off a previous mix, my apologies.

No one should ever have to go through what Emily did to me....it still hurts to talk about.

Dec 4, 2008

Gone but not Forgotten

I really appreciate ej (wajok) message. It made me realize that I have been a little lost and perhaps I should return to the Mixtape work and start sending out my mixes again. I have prepared a few, but never posted... My own fault.

I have relocated since my destiny does not appear to need to continue in Rexburg, Idaho. I now reside at:
3903 Glacier Court
Fort Collins, Colorado 80525

So if there are any mixes that were sent to me, they are probably misdirected to some other location, I am sorry I never got to hear them.
Once I fix up that blasted computer of mine holding all the music I was ever given, stolen, or even on occasion purchased, I will begin setting up posts with new tracklists.

in review (mirror)

Comment by wajok:


Critiques to follow after a slow roll over the tongue.

2007-05-17 7.08.MD


I hope you still frequent this place because you ought to know:

I just braved the lone (wo)manned 12 hour drive from Virginia to my home in Toronto and do not hyperbolate in saying that seven hours of the silence in my car was molested by the tireless spinning of your May(April) '07 mix. Without tracklist I said to myself, "that voice, that whistle... could it be Andrew Bird?" Caribou betrayed themselves with their smattering of crescendos and decrescendos. Mirah. La voz.

I found that without a tracklist I was still able to identify six or seven of the artists by sound alone, but it wasn't the comfort of familiarity that kept me spinning. It's just a beautiful blend. Fluid. The tone was arresting.

At hour two into the drive I was sure I was going to turn around and never make it back to Oz, but I discovered your micks at the bottom of a pile, neglected, scratched to sh-t (track 8 and 9 are forever sullied). It gave me drive, filled my tank, fuelled my engine.

Merci bien mon ami.

ej (wajok)

Through these arms I transfer _____:

Nov 22, 2008

Here's some from Gillzy.........................

Get it here

All right, I've been meaning to post this for ages. I've had a love/hate relationship with this list and finally have just decided to take the plunge and if you want it, take it, if you don't, fine. Let me know if you have problems getting the tracks.......I've never done this before.

Some notes:

Can't get enough of that Murray Head.

"Muzorewi's Daughter"......yeah. When I don't really dig this song, it really aggravates me. It's really not p.c. either. But at the same time....I've danced to drum circles that sang worse. I heard this song in a random place and enjoyed it at the time. If you hate it, I understand. Still, it is one of the only non-lugubrious songs on here so at least let it cleanse your ear palate.

"Two Out of Three Ain't Bad": Yes, Meat Loaf makes a comeback. My father always carried with him a cassette tape of Bat Out of Hell and on one occasion, Dad was singing along to "Two Out of Three" and crooning Mom with it. Mom didn't appreciate the lyrics and (we were driving from Mississippi back to Utah...long trip) the third or fourth time around my mom finally ejected the cassette tape and chucked it out the window where another car on the freeway promptly ran over it. Without saying a word, my dad pulled an identical Bat Out of Hell cassette tape out of his jacket pocket and jammed the damned thing back into the tape player. I swear this story is true. You could have cut that tension with a butter knife.

Jamirquai: I know, whatever, it's on Napolean Dynamite. I care not. I can't listen to this song and not dance. It makes me think, "I have this music IN me!" For that reason alone, I include it in this mix. I dare you to listen to the whole thing without moving. Even riding my bicycle at midnight, I can't help but at least give a few fist punches into the air when this song appears on my music-listening device.

Paolo Nutini: I don't really like his other stuff, but I like this one song. I'm just saying.

"Japanese to English": So, this is the live version.....I tried to find the other vers. but I couldn't. They both have their merits but I'd like to snag a version of the original albumized track. If anyone has it.....................por favor.

Well. The end.

Oct 10, 2008

And Then There Were Few...

Here is the mix...hopefully.

Just some tracks. The few of us that want to keep up here should just feel free to post willy-nilly, I think. I like that idea. I haven't been on the "hip new music" tip lately...everyday I realize how much great music I have passed up. This mix is mainly songs in that realm, no binding theme again other than I appreciate each of these songs lyrically/thematically, instrumentally, A&B, or otherwise.

Poster's Memo/Things I Think Are Worth Watching Out For:

Pink Steam, about 4:04 in the song...the guitars start playing, for a few seconds, a really moving (to me) little 3 or 4 note sequence that quickly leaves. I listen to the whole song for this.

Untrust Us--nice little smash up of a great song by "Death From Above 1979" (la cocaina no es buena para su salud)

Pitch--the vocals/lyrics are amazing, and they go full scale at about 2:10. I have listened to this track probably 120 times and it razes me every time

Mercy Seat--some amazing lyrics here

My Shit's Fucked Up--i can't say enough about Warren Zevon or this song. Really. I think I dig this song so much because of a live version I heard (free for your taking at archive.org) where the audience seems to be beer swilling frat guys absolutely out of touch with their own mortality, and Zevon is their in front of them singing about the fact that he knows his time is short. It is really haunting. I suggest tracking it down. Caveat Auditor--explicit lyrics warning, but entirely tasteful in my opinion...I mean, the man wrote this while diagnosed with mesothelioma...

Sawtooth Tiger--I like Alex Mauer, or anyone else who releases an entire album on an NES cartridge.

Fixed in the Sky--I know I keep coming back with the Grifters, but I really just can't stop. This song is an instrumental and it just aches. Really beautiful sounds here.

To many notes. All these songs have their virtues. Now someone else post a mix so that I have something to spin on my long walks to school.

Until the next instant...

j. wyatt

May 17, 2008

much belated sergei politictov

thanks to emmy for help w/ the image. some repeats in artists here and one same cd. i feel kind of arrogant making a political statement, but it was a theme that was on my mind. of course everyone will have their own pov. i think these are good songs either way so please enjoy them. interesting that "youth against fascism" still seems to apply some 15 yrs later. and marvin's 35 yr old classic. conversely, does anybody even think about jesse [helms] anymore? maybe in the south.
as a side note: next week i'm going to the gorge for the sasquatch festival. i'm looking for suggestions on who i shouldn't miss. especially early in the day and at the side stages. take a look at the line up at http://www.sasquatchfestival.com/ and please give me some feedback. i've checked out some of these artists, but don't want to miss something awesome 'cause i'm watching malkmus for the 3rd time. not that he isn't awesome. you know what i mean.
thanks all