Dec 13, 2008


Winter Oak by Eyvind Earle

Get it before it melts

Before I moved north and east I sold my car which forced me clean out my trunk. In doing so. I found things long thought to have gone the way of all the earth. One important find was my CD collection. As I was rifling through the cobwebs and dust lined artifact two things struck me: I have loads of sweet sweet 80's pop, guilty though it may be - and, I haven't ripped any of them into digital form so they can be numbered among the very great.

I have remedied the latter and to enjoy the former to the fullest I have made it a point to put at least one 80's guilty pleasure on every mix or playlist. So you will have to be patient if it is not your favorite brand of free music because I am finding these songs to be high quality fun smothered in tasty nostalgia gravy.

Also, I only put a few holiday themed songs on there because I don't find the majority of it palatable enough to make a whole mix of it, (though that could be fun to compile a mix of the most dry-heavingly abhorrent Christmas songs) but I felt a few were warranted.

So here it is. I had more than a little trouble with the silliness of MediaFire as my OG mix was 107MB and it can only be 100MB and it didn't know that for about 5 frantic hours, so if this doesn't work let me know so I can stress over 5 more. Sadly we lost Vince Guaraldi's Christmas Time is Here because of the size restriction. But you can't argue with the freeness of the site, so I comply willingly.


1. It's Five o'Clock -- Aphrodite's Child
2. Ahn -- Benoit Piolard
3. Landing Light -- No Pasaran
4. Holiday Machine -- Bottom of the Hudson*
5. The Shy Retirer -- Arab Strap
6. Christmas Song -- Dave Matthews & Tim Reyonlds (come on...we all knew eventually I would out him on a mix)
7. You Know More Than I Know -- John Cale
8. Dripping Whispers -- The Soul's Release
9. I Want Wind To Blow -- The Microphones
10. In The Margins -- Echo & the Bunnymen
11. M62 Song -- Doves
12. Oh L'Amour -- Erasure
13. Blue Tulip -- Bon Iver
14. The Furnace -- Merusault
15. Ruby Tuesday -- Franco Battiato
16. The Look of Love -- ABC
17. The Streets in the Rain -- The Samples
18. You Lost Sight of Me -- Micah P. Hinson
19. Fairytale of New York -- The Pogues

*Holiday Machine is one of those random songs that I don't remember how I got. I double checked this Guild and couldn't find evidence that it came from here so I am using it. However, if I have inadvertently pulled a Gillilli and pilfered a song off a previous mix, my apologies.

No one should ever have to go through what Emily did to still hurts to talk about.


Grifter said...

i thought for a minute that you had given me the ol' knifey-spoony-gillilly with the aphrodite's child opener, but i rechecked my mixes and realized that it was no more than a fanciful idea on my part.

i recognize a couple of these, but this is mostly terra nova. i'll be back here later.

Gillz said...


And apologies, apologies, forever apologies. I am even further in your debt because I am sure your mix is kickass and how can I ever make it up to you?

ZUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUFELLLLLLLLLLLT. *sigh* I should have been an explorer of great things and then I could name a star or an island or a really cool insect after you. I will make it up to you. I will.

the guilt......the leaks from every pore......leaking....leaking....

Gillz said...

Also, unrelated comment, doesn't deserve to share this page with the rest, but I wanted to let you know that Bladerunner has been rented, and I will watch and give feedback this week. Add that to the page of things I have that I owe to Zufelt's influence.

ibid said...

Joe, i would never pilfer a song. While the same can obviously not be said for a band. Aphrodite's Child is all yours.

Oh Emily, you are forever forgiven. Still, your penance will be to forever be at the mercy of a good haranguing.

eirynjakob said...

today is one mash up of coincidences. how do they slap?

Here goes the train:

My lover loves the book Great Expectations.

Last night Monson bases his CES address on the book.

Great Expecations is one of my best movies.

Today I watched The Fall--

this movie reminds me of A Little Princess, my fav movie.


A Little Princess director, same guy that did... GREAT EXPECTATIONS! Read on, turns out he did Children of Men.

Oh, Ruby Tuesday will never be the same song to me. So haunting.

Search Youtube for Children of Men video with Ruby Tuesday, what comes up?

Video made of some dudes fav clips, with what as a soundtrack???

No.15 on your mix.

The occurrences of the past two days have all been leading up to this one moment of today. The day I found you mix posted. I am prepared and ready to receive of it now.

I know it's not feedback, but I couldn't just let kismet like that go untold.

ibid said...

i am sorry. i don't remember putting it on private. the mix can be downloaded now.

Price said...

This melted ... can I have access to it?

ibid said...