Sep 20, 2007

35 depression

an end of summer pop cd. postmarked yesterday (oops.) arriving real soon.

did you see the words . animal collective
i send my love to you . palace brothers
golden sun . the elephants
sold! . enon
us ones in between . sunset rubdown
race you . figurines
where the hell is benny l? . the star no star
baby said . hot chip
lost to the lonesome . pela
goodbye princess . the failures
calliope! . the veils
slow down . boilermaker
mwyktcita&b? . cyhsy
the magic position . patrick wolf
utter dispair . liger
he gives us all his love . randy newman
autumn all the time . the sugarplastic
one that got away . the anomoanon
i will find you . simon joyner
hugging my grudge . the boy least likely to
up with people . lambchop

i didn't dig too deep in the trenches for these gems but i hope you find/like/love something new.

Sep 11, 2007

Remember when Music Videos were Awesome?

I'm posting this to spite the VMAs. MTV has become the largest joke in my mind. It's not even a parody of itself. Here's a video that probably should have won because of it's splenderiferousness.

Sep 10, 2007



I added a lil' reminder over on the sidebar thar. Check it for your group assignment. Will September's group release their fine mixes months late? Let us hope not.

Viva la strange.

Sep 1, 2007

Bring the Noise!

It's September. I'm excited for presents in circular shapes. Here's a little math/prog rock to celebrate.