Apr 5, 2009

A Notwist Sandwich, Served with Love

Click HERE for this mix

There isn’t really a theme to this…some things I surprisingly haven’t put on earlier mixes, other things I recently found. Some specific notes and preemptive defense of tracks:

Tracks 1 and 22: I was steered in the direction of the Notwist by Jonrex, whose tastes never let me down, and they didn’t this time. I was wrestling to select 1 of 2 songs to include on here, and I just decided to put them both up.

Track 2: Complete teenage-lust puberty-voice badassery.

Track 3: This song has been trapped in my skull for months now—these folks are an intensely odd German band, sort of channeling both Trans Am and Blondie into a compellingly catchy and weird stew of Roland synth and thumpy bass. And I think somewhere in the song she says “Arrow of Light.” Biographical aside, as a Boy Scout, I earned my “Arrow of light Award” in 1995.

Track 6: Some people might groan whenever I start dropping Silkworm on them. I understand. This track is a lo-fi acoustic keeper though. Give it a chance.

Track 10: Grifters again, yes, sorry. Their catalogue just has too many hot spots. I can’t get over the transitions in this track, and David Shouse’s lyrics/vocals are always top-drawer.

Track 11: Que canção maravilhosa.

Track 13: Remember At the Drive In → Sparta? Same vocalist…this song starts slowly, but starts stomping…kills me when it picks up and “For a while I tried” drops in…

Track 20: This one also starts slowly, and sometimes Sheik’s lyrics get on my nerves, but the guitar work on the bridge and outro is grand.

Many of the other songs are from derivative bands or friends of the Kinsella brothers (American Football). Noyes, The One Up Downstairs, Very Secretary—there is a thread running through these tracks and it isn’t just killer guitar chops.


Track list...
1. One Step Inside Doesn't Mean You Understand--The Notwist
2. I Want Some More--Chan Romero
3. Satan Highway--Eagle Boston
4. Restless--Langhorne Slim
5. Fear Of Trains--The Magnetic Fields
6. Leading The Evening--Silkworm
7. Throw Your Arms Around Me--Hunters & Collectors
8. The Ballad of Paladin--Johnny Western
9. This Is the Bad 1--Noyes
10. Slow Day for the Cleaner--The Grifters
11. Alone Again Or--Love
12. Waiting On the Stairs--Pela
13. Wednesday Nights--Sleepercar
14. Demon Host--Timber Timbre
15. Rememories--The One Up Downstairs
16. Paper Bag--Very Secretary
17. I Got a Line On You--Spirit
18. First Words--Favorite Saints
19. Thirteen--Big Star
20. Hidden Track--duncan sheik
21. Friends--Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
22. Gone Gone Gone--The Notwist


Gillz said...

Bless you, boy. These are all new to my ears. I will listen with all the fevers and excitements of fresh spring and give you my appraisals after Easter.

Knowing how little time you must not have for putting things like this together, I express my gratitude. Great job.

ibid said...

sweet. just got it.

Gillz said...

Timber Timbre is my most listened to track this week. And Ryan Adams and the Cardinals broke my heart. The Love track I listen to every morning because it makes me wake up great. "Satan Highway" and "Fear of Trains" are doubly superb. Favorite Saints, again, another very repeated listen. Also, I've been looking for good American Football songs and lo...you give me something better.

More specific reasons why I like these songs to come, but I wanted to tell you my favorites.

ibid said...

Sorry for taking my sweet time writing my thought on this mix, but let me start by saying: bravo. Hell of a mix.

oh man, I love the Notwist, i first heard them in February. This Room from Neon Golden is beyond space and time and nature. So needless to say, this was a sandwich much appreciated. I had heard Gone Gone Gone but not One Step Inside Doesn't Mean You Understand, both tracks are very deserving of their place on a Joe mix.

That Ryan Adams song has always been one of the greats. the wife and I have listened to it loads since moving here.

Pela...good choice. Love that track.

Love is stellar, i have always enjoyed My Little Red Book. I hadn't heard Alone Again Or but it leveled me.

Big Star is another band that i just recently discovered in February, and again you chose a song I hadn't heard, kudos and it turned out to be the best song of theirs that this guy's ears have heard. I'm In Love With A Girl is another quality track.

Other songs that have just slapped my face and didn't say sorry:

Restless -- Langhorne Slim
hells teeth man, this song kept me from getting to tracks 5 and on for a few days, I couldn't stop playing it. so good.

Wednesday Nights -- Sleepercar
the last 1:40 of that song as it slowly builds and then shifts gears and pounds the gas made me late to class. I heard it as I was walking and then relistened and then relistened and then forcibly had to stop myself from going round for a third time. thank you for this song.

Demon Host--Timber Timbre
Love it.

The Ballad of Paladin -- Johnny Western
Good fun. My dad used to sing this all the time. which is amazing timing as my last blog post was a homage to songs my dad used to sing all the time.

Anyway, allincompasingly great mix. thanks.

ibid said...

also, The Ballad of Paladin always reminds me of Stand By Me, and i love that movie.

erin said...

okay, partially my fault. I didn't get to downloading this until months later. But the link is no longer. I managed to find a few of the songs in my personal MVZ1K dossier, but it's incomplete without the rest.

What do you say old chum, give 'em another run?

Char lotte said...

I hadn't heard, kudos and it turned out to be the best song of theirs that this guy's ears have heard....

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