Sep 18, 2009


I started to make a mix of just anything that's been dominating my inner ear. I wanted you all to hear it, to sit 'round like nighthawks at the Double T again, stale coffee, jukin our tunes for each other.

Shootan the Breeze: it was a mix intended to say just that. But music is cathartic, and the jukebox that sits at the end of our table is a troubadour of life. In retro-mix-spective my emotions had their own agenda.

Stranger, I don't know why I've told you this. Not a soul has heard it since it's genesis one year ago, but if your listening ears are poised (and I've known the Guild to have proclivity to this) that nasty little music box will sing Pandora's song.

1. Hey - Pixies
2. I Live Off You (live) - X-ray Spex
3. Your Rocky Spine - Great Lake Swimmers
4. Love, Love, Love (Everyone) - Akron/Family
5. Poison Dart - The Bug
6. A Whorehouse is Any House - Bonnie "Prince" Billy
7. Chilly Kisses - Millie Small
8. Technicolour - Nurses
9. Native Soil - Sarah Harmer
10. Stand By Your Man - Tammy Wynette
11. You Asked Me To (Single Version) - Waylon Jennings
12. Ruby Tuesday - Melanie
13. Drops in the River - Fleet Foxes
14. Watch Her Disappear - Tom Waits

She breaks her tunneled gaze from a mugged and blackened pool of coffee
: Pass the creme, wouldjya?


ibid said...

perfect timing.

if for no other reason than Tammy Wynette, and if there were such a competition, this should win mix of the year.

The Ruby Tuesday track is an m4p file and password protected, but for all who have an emusic account you can grab it there.

thanks for this.

ej said...


Business first: good catch. I've converted the file to mp3 format and re-uploaded. My apologies.

Plaisir: I don't know how to receive such esteem. Many many thanks. The compliment is that much greater knowing that it is directed to the mix that was not organized, orchestrated, nor intended to wow. My eyes brim as I type... I needed you (the Guild). I needed you (the Guild)to hear it, appropriate it, to take on the Weight and bear it with me.

I'm being such a vulnerable sap!

It was a lot to ask, but thank you for taking this mix on.

I just keep writing and erasing



I don't know how to say it, I don't know how better to tell the Guild than to just keep it real...

I love you, man. And missed you.


Grifter said...

this might be the dangled lure that calls me back to blogging.

this blog is a quality shared space that we created here, regardless of low traffic.

thanks, Eîrÿñe, for this injection of audible faith. i am downloading it now and listening to it this week.