Apr 30, 2007


Any bets we get May's mix tapes before the April folks decide to meander off the slow boat?

I hope so because this is a pitiful opening charge.

Apr 19, 2007

Once every 10 years or so a thing comes across the bow that should be duly noted.
In the late 90's I worked as a builder of highways in the perpetual state of Idaho. I walked the latitude and longitude of the state stifled and listening mostly to KRIC out of Rexburg to get my NPR fixes. It was my informational heroin. The co-workers, (mostly headbangers and Z103 kind of people) thought I was daffy, but I didn't care. I thought their practice of warming cans of Campbells Chunky over the hearth of hot asphalt was weird. . . I even took part in the unholy gustitory communion myself and came to know that it was not wholly evil when a boy was hungry for something hot at noon in the Idaho July. Like I say. . . Hot times require hot measures.

That year I heard a little exposé on NPR about a band and their album that was forecasted to change perceptions of modern music. OK computer. I was skeptical. That Christmas my pal Mitchell gifted me the album. One of the few that I still cherish and absorbs me with every playing. That was the Christmas where everything changed for me. Not because of the Radiohead, but it was nice to have the perfect soundtrack to accompany the sudden alien cloud in which I found myself gasping for anything resembling oxygen. Ten years later, in vino veritas, it is true. . . Thom Yorke's voice, the Greenwood boys. They changed everything.

I could be wrong. i usually am in matters of providence and fortune. But I have a feeling that this new NIN album is something. Maybe you don't like the NIN - that is fine. I'm not here to debate you. But for every decade they say there is an album that typifies the generation. Where Ok Computer exposed the dissociative life of the dot com bubble times, Year Zero voices the anxiety of something like the first discovery that the Great Father's Iron Horse is rushing like a tsunami upon your children. . .

But that's just my impression. I'd like to hear a bit of what you peeps think.

All this time, I thought that a death-star balloon would kick ass.
I have obviously been well plussed.


Apr 16, 2007

Status? ! ?

I hate to be Sergeant Fussypants, but here I am.

Mixes are due. I think the guild, unlike the IRS or IRA, can be more forgiving in matters of deadlines, at least this month. So, Enigma-M, Juan Juan Fur Tete, and Vincenzo, you have a few days to get these out. I am still waiting for a 3 mailing addresses from members--you know who you are. Let's get shaking. The first round is the maiden voyage for the guild, the precedence-setter: lets break a bottle of vintage Sauternes across this ship's bow, not Night Train. Capiche?

Thoughts or concerns? Let us reason together in the comments section.

Apr 7, 2007

I'm a bit curious...

Where do ya'll get your music from?

I get mine from all over the place. It goes a little something like this...

itunes. A very good library with a few stunning omissions (Radiohead, Sex Pistols) I like the option of listening to a clip before you buy, and they have some really good deals sometimes. (Thelonious Monk's "Live at the It Club" for $9.99!)

emusic. I like this site a lot, the price is right ($19.99 for 75 songs per month) but if I download less than 75 I lose the remainder, and if I download 75 as far as I can tell there's no way to download more. Even though I'm paying less than $0.27 per song, I always feel a bit taken.

various magazines. I still subscribe to CMJ and I pick up Paste every month. Occasionally I get Uncut or somesuch.

Music stores. I got a part time job (like 9 hours a week) at a Hastings Entertainment store. I cruise the used bins and spend more than I earned there pretty much every week.

Anyhoo, I was just wondering if this is normal, or if I'm old fashioned, or ...what.

Seacrest out.

Apr 2, 2007


I guess this is as good a place as any to spit this out...this might be old hat to some, but I just read that Johnny Marr, yes, Johnny Marr now plays guitar for Modest Mouse. Should this compel me to renew interest (not in Marr, but in Mouse)?