Apr 30, 2007


Any bets we get May's mix tapes before the April folks decide to meander off the slow boat?

I hope so because this is a pitiful opening charge.


Captain Admiral said...

Um, yeah, I'll second that. I'm on the May list, and I'm just about ready to mail my mixtapes out. Prove me wrong April people.

Chaucer Arafat said...

ye..i am a lil sadish. i wanted something to listen to on the plane..no dice.


Gillz said...

I'm sending my May tapes out this week because I go out on the trail on the 12th and my show choir goes on tour all next week. Soooooooooooo::: check yer mailboxes in 3-5 working days.

Cheers, Emiline

ibid said...

well played May-ers

Gillz said...

haha. I know I KNOW!
Ask the Gillz, I have my mix cds done and they have been done for a while now, but my time/focus is not well spent.
I have a mission to photocopy the playlists today. Send... tomorrow?

Gillz said...

Haha, wtf? Who's leaving posts under my name? And what do you mean my time/focus isn't well spent? Did I post that in my sleep? Quit it, kid! And yes, I'm sending them out tomorrow. My tomorrow, which is Friday. Haha, gross, I hate seeing myself post without out my permission. At least thank you for not making me say dirty words without my consent, although I would NEVER say crap like "Ask the Gillz"....quit it, whoever you are, as if I don't already know.

Captain Admiral said...

I too have burned my mixtapes and plan to mail them on Friday. If my day turns to crap, however, I will get them out on Monday instead. I'll let y'all know when they're in the hands of the postal people.

P.S. ...errrmm, I have this idea... I have the idea because I'm a shallow person. I have, in the past, been kinda judgy about certain bands and certain band names. I avoided Death Cab For Cutie for a long time because I thought it would be ultra-sucky based on what I thought was a ridiculously stupid name. I was wrong. I like 'em.

The problem for shallow people like me is this: when I look at a track listing I'm instantly gonna judge certain elements and give myself an idea of what I'm about to hear, however right or however wrong I may be.

Does anyone else have this problem? What I've been contemplating is perhaps not sending a track list with the mixtape, but letting you all have it for a few days, then posting the track list on the blog, thereby eliminating the track list/judgy part.

Good idea? Bad idea?

Miss said...
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ibid said...

Gilllill: you're a claiming a ghost post for refering to yourself in the third person?...well played. I can picture you while calling yourself "The Gillz": snarky expression with both thumbs pointed straight at you, not unlike the Fonz. Iconic.

AS for the track list. Personlly I want them, like them, need them. I like to know who I am listening to, as I listen. But that is just me, and majority rules. Perhaps, Capt'n when you recieve said list, just don't look at it till you feel good and ready.

Gillz said...

Darren, that post was NOT me! I swear it! I admit to having a few separate personalities swirling around in this mug-o-mine, but NONE of them would say something as lame as "I know I KNOW" .....no....someone's jerking my chain around and I think I know who. And he's going to get a flaming sack of shiz on his doorstep if he thinks he can pull this crap on me. Bwar har har.

Cap'n Admi: I enjoy an element of surprise, but I also enjoy the track listing. So maybe I'll give mine in code or intricate origami so the revealing of the bands is SOMEWHAT delayed. That's assuming I send out songs you all don't already have. Haha, okay, that's the last time I show a lack of confidence in my own mixes. Ask the Gillz, my mix is gwyne be life-altering, man.

Enigma-Machinist said...

SERIOUSLY! Sorry about that.

Haha, Sorry Gillz. That was me!
Next time, just remember to log out of my computer. And maybe I should pay more attention to my persona.

Yeah, all that stuff that wasn't Gillz, 'twas me. Case closed.

isopraxis said...

I'm going to publish my tracklisting in ROT47, not only to throw the recording industry type dogs off with my old-spice, but also to obfuscate luxuriously in a completely needless encryption of the sonics that bring me enjoyment.

That way, everyone can be offended equally by the mystery of the sources of my norwegian situationist blak metals without knowing the names.


Gillz said...

isopraxis: you do that and YOU'LL be the one with a flaming sack of shiz on his doorstep.


isopraxis said...

In Canada when get get a flaming sac on the doorstep, we call the neighbors and has ourselves a celebration for the blessed warmth that has temporarily broken the grip of winter cold.

It is a well known proverb that those who enjoy the heat of a flaming bag of shit will always be twice as warm as the cold soul who squirted it thus.

BTW, if you think it was me donning your mask, you couldn't be more wrong. For if I was to abscond with another's liberty to post, it would be in ROT47 and full of horrendously irreverent latin.

}@? 6?:> >6 DA6C2DE: >FEF2> E:3: 8C2E:2> C6=2EFCF>[ FE G:4:DD:> EF@D 4@>A6==2C6> F?FD 6?:> D2E:D 6D >2E6C:26 92G6?D[ ?6BF6 BF:BF2> 5@>: EF2E EFCA:FD 6DE BF2> EF]

isopraxis said...

and now I'm convinced that my tracklist will be in ROT47. Whoopee. What a lovely game and jest!

Gillz said...

ahaha...I'll turbius your materiae if you don't watch it, Praxis. And no, you weren't the one to crack into my profile. And as far as the 7=2>:?8 328 @7 D9:E is concerned, why don't you 36?5 @G6C[ A:4< 2 7=@H6C F?56C 2 C2:?3@H and shove it up your F?:4@C? A@?JVD 2DD 7@C D276<66A:?8. Final word. Haha, okay, I'm packing out of this Logan apartment and going to bed. Good night.