Feb 27, 2008

The Name of This Mix Is...

First mix of 2008? No...that jewel goes to Eiryn. Make sure you download her mix via the link in the post below. It is ridiculously good.

For this mix, nothing special--just an assemblage of old and recent favorites with no binding theme other than my liking.

I know I have some artist repeats: the Grifters and Mice Parade. But they are stand-up tracks, regardless. Maybe you'll find something worth your time.

I have to say that if you listen to nothing else on this mix, at least give the outro of "Stand!" your full attention, as it comprises the baddest-ass 51 seconds in the history of recorded music.

1 Roadrunner--The Modern Lovers
2 Glad To Be Scattered--Track a Tiger

3 Wheels--Grand Drive

4 Rollerdisco--Black Moth Super Rainbow

5 The Boat Room--Mice Parade

6 Skinny Love--Bon Iver

7 Get Thy Bearings--Donovan

8 Rubber Biscuit--The Chips

9 Fire in the Middle--Nightmares on Wax

10 Blues Run the Game--Jackson C. Frank

11 Rat Trap--The Boomtown Rats

12 2H.B.--Roxy Music

13 Song To Bobby--Cat Power

14 Leave The Light On--Bottomless Pit

15 Vicious World--Rufus Wainwright

16 New Grass--Talk Talk

17 Eureka I.V.--The Grifters

18 Stand!--Sly & The Family Stone

19 This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)--Talking Heads

Feb 26, 2008

the dark month

for the month of february:

welcome to the first mix of 2008, et enjoi.