Feb 27, 2008

The Name of This Mix Is...

First mix of 2008? No...that jewel goes to Eiryn. Make sure you download her mix via the link in the post below. It is ridiculously good.

For this mix, nothing special--just an assemblage of old and recent favorites with no binding theme other than my liking.

I know I have some artist repeats: the Grifters and Mice Parade. But they are stand-up tracks, regardless. Maybe you'll find something worth your time.

I have to say that if you listen to nothing else on this mix, at least give the outro of "Stand!" your full attention, as it comprises the baddest-ass 51 seconds in the history of recorded music.

1 Roadrunner--The Modern Lovers
2 Glad To Be Scattered--Track a Tiger

3 Wheels--Grand Drive

4 Rollerdisco--Black Moth Super Rainbow

5 The Boat Room--Mice Parade

6 Skinny Love--Bon Iver

7 Get Thy Bearings--Donovan

8 Rubber Biscuit--The Chips

9 Fire in the Middle--Nightmares on Wax

10 Blues Run the Game--Jackson C. Frank

11 Rat Trap--The Boomtown Rats

12 2H.B.--Roxy Music

13 Song To Bobby--Cat Power

14 Leave The Light On--Bottomless Pit

15 Vicious World--Rufus Wainwright

16 New Grass--Talk Talk

17 Eureka I.V.--The Grifters

18 Stand!--Sly & The Family Stone

19 This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)--Talking Heads


eirynjakob said...

haven't received it yet but I have been obsessing over donovan lately so already I'm compelled to listen.

Sly & the family stone were featured on my tracklist for a while but I see I never really let them go, they was taken frome.

Thanks for the plug, can't wait for the mix.

Gillz said...

Received mix today. Loving it. More to come....I'm going to give her a damn good listen en route to Las Vegas tomorrow and really sink my teeth into it, perhaps masticate it gila monster style and then I will report back promptly.

A Spooky Ghost said...

Ok, I'll comment on tracks later but I'll tell you we went on a day long drive with the Donkins around Long Island and I played your cd the whole time. Infinitely listenable. Everyone enjoyed it. Val found a new great song for herself on it and the Mice Parade and Bon Iver songs got repeated more than anything. Awesomeness.

ibid said...

ten straight days of this mix. I must say you have complied one hell of a compact disc.

In another of what is becoming a myriad of music/life overlaps, the day before I received this fine spinner I downloaded a slew of Donovan's work. I have listened to him for some time but have just recently delved again. I didn't have the song from yours, so it is welcome and uncanny.

We have discussed the Bin Iver album already, but this track is is too good. As is any and all Mice Parade. That Rufus sure can sing, nasty teeth though.

I didn't have to press skip and that makes me happy, and my lazy finger thanks you.

eirynjakob said...

has fate been so unkind?

I received your mix, with a gaping hole in the enamel. I can say this, trax 1-6 are just lovely, but that run from 4-6? oh hell. That is good.

Unfortunately I am unable to listen to the rest as per the chink, and I checked it out and only have about five or six of the other songs on the mix in my own library. I am missing out. Maybe if you get the chance you could email or remail it again.

You know I always look forward to a mindkillan Grift.

rice said...

first time i've heard the original 2hb. i always liked the thom yorke version, but it is really just a good song and ferry and yorke are equals in vocalizing it.

Gillz said...

Thanks for the Grand Drive track.....you put that on an old mix of mine back in '03 but you never gave me the track name...you sent a list later and tried to remember all the songs included, but that one slipped through the cracks. Nice to know finally to whom it belongs. A great track.

Rollerdisco completes a part of my soul....I very much like that track and also the fantastic band name. Super cool. The Chips track is also very cool and very Joe.

Bon Iver and Bottomless Pit I'm glad to be introduced to, and I'm also very appreciative of the new-to-me Grifter and Talking Head tracks......fantastic stuff. Well, more later if it comes, but I thought I would throw a little praise towards your mix while I was still awake.

Gillz said...

A couple more things:

Donovan is fantastic driving music...I love a song that makes me love the saxophone (sorry Kenny G).

I am still loving Rollerdisco.

Thank you thank you for Bon Iver. And thank you again. Boomtown Rats is also good driving music actually, AND the Roxy Music and Rufus Wainwright are probably a couple of my favorites on the whole mix the more I listen. Wainwright in particular is so dense and leveled I feel thick hearing it. Very unique and cool.

Finally, my hardest couple of days in the recent week were healed just a bit from the repeated listenings of Jackson C. Frank. That's a great song, and I love a great sad song.

eirynjakob said...


I've gotten two mixes in the past couple months that have cameoed the borrowed and embedded layers of M.I.A. Road Runner is a dug one of hers and I love being taken back to the origins [sidenote - origins mix in the making? A deconstruction our all time favourites?]. Paper Planes was the other on... don't know who's mix. I am the worse organizista.

Speaking of, who was Helio Bliss? because Raising the Sparks(Akron/Family) made a g holla. And pop caps. And props should be given.

Grifter said...


Helio Bliss was the offering of one Rebeca McOmber, my amazing Scottish cousin.

She knows the tracks that make me smile as well, but she has chosen to remain incognitum in blogoburbia.

eirynjakob said...


so I've had the mix in hand for a while and to be completely honest I can't get through it. I get to Bon Iver and find myself on the floor KO'd, gasping. I can't get back up.

Needless to say, I need to skip the pummeling to get to the rest... I know you love love love The Grifters and I just LOVE them for their familiarity (my best friend dons a similar vocal)

Feb I received a mix from our neophyte guilder The Babe with Blues Run the Game. Just a lovely lovely track. You guys love each other.

On the whole, what a cathartic mix and I give you many kudos for this. I'm sorry fellow guilders if it's been tried, but I've never been moved to cry so much in one mix.

Merci pour votre coeur de chanson.

And you can tell your Rebe-kin that Helio Bliss has had the most spin time of all mixes so far. I don't ever wanna go back!

Enigma-Machinist said...

Oh my gosh!
This mix got stuck on my car CD player and is like the only thing I play sometimes. So after MANY multiple listens here are my favs.

1. Roadrunner - Modern Lovers
Totally my favorite new song. I start the CD over again just to hear this bumping while I am driving to work. Gets me in a good mood.
4. Rollerdisco - Black Moth Super Rainbow
Just a cool sounding track.
5. The Boat Room - Mouse Parade
6. Skinny Love - Bon Iver
I found this track on my own once and said, 'why does this sound so familiar...?' Then I realized it was on this mix.
12 2H.B.--Roxy Music
A new Roxy Music fav for me. Thanks.
19 This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)--Talking Heads
Just love the talking heads!

Those are my highlights! My least fav is the Chips song. I skip it everytime, sorry... just saying.
But thanks for this mix. It's really good!