Mar 15, 2008

a soothsayer bids you beware the ides of March

These will go out on Monday. A few bands we've seen in the guild already and a few tracks I'm positive everyone already has (Beck's, por ejemple) but these are what I felt like throwing down this time around. I did put some effort in theme and order but being as how I find stranger transitions than some, if it comes off crazy eclectic and sporadic, apologies all around. Have a good several March holidays, everyone. I hope the yellow peeps taste as good this year as the gold foiled chocolate coins. I considered swapping out Portobello Road for Let's Go Fly a Kite seeing as how it's spring and all, but....I felt like having a darker mix. Did anyone else think Bowie looked eerily like David Tomlinson in his Prestige role? Could have been the mustache. Lemme know if there's any trouble with the computer has been weird the past year but decided to start burning cds again just could be an Easter miracle, but if there are any bunk mixes that get sent out I will resend away with the real deal. Hope you like these.

1 Care of Cell 44 -- The Zombies
2 Will You Be Me? -- Kimya Dawson
3 The Hard Way Every Time -- Jim Croce
4 I Want to Live in a Wigwam -- Cat Stevens
5 Velvet Goldmine -- David Bowie
6 One of These Days -- Doves
7 Her Hairagami Set -- The Brunettes
8 Gila -- Beach House
9 Good People Check -- Themselves
10 Crushed Bones -- Why?
11 Ladies of Cambridge -- Vampire Weekend
12 All Through the Night -- Cyndi Lauper
13 Out Under Stars -- Vitesse
14 The Other Side of Mt Heart Attack -- Liars
15 Citrus -- The Hold Steady
16 Portobello Road -- David Tomlinson/Angela Lansbury
17 Little One -- Beck
18 Don't be Afraid to Sing -- Stars
19 I Know You Can Smile -- Slowblow
20 You Forgot to Answer -- Nico


ibid said...

I am glad beyond measure that you stuck with Portobello Road.

eirynjakob said...

fu realz gillz.

You stole my zombie thunder.

I could go through almost every single song on this mix and break it down on how intimate I am with it. Was slated for Liars concert in SLC when I was there but illness plagued the camp and missed it.

your mix... ah, I take quick, sprite steps of excitement.

Enigma-Machinist said...

I like your mix.
I like your pic.

eirynjakob said...

dear gillz.

It just hurts, the incision from stomach to ear to heart hurt. I have been spinning not only this, but oct 'o7 AND may '07's mix.

Forget about stealing it from each other, you are my thunder.

eirynjakob said...

And, talk about a soundtrack to my portobello/garlic/gruyere quiche making. Honestly, how often does the music you are listening to uncontrivingly coincide with your food prep musical performance.

Gillz said...

Esp. where Angela Lansbury is involved. Even creepier. More full of fate. Thanks for being my thunder, too. Your mixes always make my iTunes 100 times cooler and more reputable....your Wes Montgomery cancels out great portions of my Halley Mills, por ejemple.

Grifter said...

this is long overdue, but completely necessary.

The opener is just perfect. I heard this song on 'songs from the Void' at littleradio, and was taken by how much I loved it. Being lazy and forgetful, i never sought the musicians behind it or even the name of the song. you delivered, and instructed. this is what you often do.

As much as i try resisting Kimya Dawson, I fail. she has a lyrical style that reminds me of the bastard child of Joanna Newsome and Gabriel Garcia Lorca (in a lighter mood). I have enjoyed this track, and i realize that it set the stage for a mix that contained many songs with some interesting lyrical acrobatics. 3-5 comprise unarguable standards from some heavy hitters, and I am drawn back in at 9 and 10. I don't know where you got turned on to the Anticon label, but it has been great for everyone. Sidenote: did you know that doseone of themselves (and Subtle, of course) is an Idaho boy? true true.

my other favorite stand out tracks on this mix have to be the Lauper track (whose entire catalogue I unabashedly love), and the song from Vitesse, which I actually purchased after you introduced them to me in your first (i think)mix.

Portobello Road was frosty icing. I wanted to play soccer with cartoon animals and rouse spirits to battle with my bagpipes.

You always produce, with typical Gill flair. My gratitude.

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