Mar 29, 2008

(insert sound of me grinding my teeth here)

So some a-hole got my debit card info (and PIN and that little number on the back for verification) and used my card with impunity on the internet. Thus I have a frozen account, no card, a large headache, an $1800 Moneygram and $1200 worth of pants. Until it is resolved (BofA told me it would be fixed last Wednesday, but alas...) I am living leanly and carefully and have chosen to mail my mixes (already burned and ready) prob'ly around the first-ish of April.
I chose to buy food and gas instead of mailing the mixes. I'm such an ingrate.
I'll post the tracks when they hit the mail.
Thanks fer yer patience,
The Captain


Gillz said...

Whoa, Cap'n, that sucks. I hope you get your money back and no worries on the lateness from my end......I hope that a-hole has anthrax-infested packages come with his internet purchases.

Patiently awaiting your mix of good tunes, Em G.

Enigma-Machinist said...

I am getting a new mailing address soon, so don't worry about the delay. It was meant to be.

Enigma-Machinist said...

but not your account getting haxored! sorry man, that sucks!

eirynjakob said...


I work identity theft projects at work. Misery to have it so proximal, my apologies and only words of advice: keep cash cows and not plastic cows a companions. I'll be waiting patiently then, hope all remunerations go well.

ps. what size would all those pants be in?

A Spooky Ghost said...

Captain, as soon as you get a name, I'll travel to their home and punch in their eyes for this trespass on your person.

Whenever the mix comes, I'll dance to it on full blast. Which is not very loud on my laptop unfortunately.