Mar 29, 2008

From the long lost Vincnt

Trevor, our old guild mate who left had a contribution and he wanted me to share it all with you. He spent a lot of time on it so give it a listen.

He said,
please share it with the guild. it's completely tagged and everything. the artist will come up as "vincnt" but all the names of the bands are in the track name. i couldn't think of a better way to do it. enjoy and share!


note: this mix was composed as i sat on the floor of my room one morning scratching at my growing beard, hence the name "music for beard-wearers."


Grifter said...


the link d'aint work for me. i don't know if it is the same for everyone else, but i can't get to this mix.



Captain Admiral said...

I could not get this link to work either. Bummer.

Gillz said...

you gots to retype the link. there is an extra space or something.

i successfully downloaded the mix.

i win the prize. of music.

Grifter said...

i repaired the link.

"re-type the link"....sheesh Gillz. I don't want to work for my free mix.

Enigma-Machinist said...

I never actually tried the link. That shows ya I am not the one with the problems.

eirynjakob said...

man, you get a beard and you don't have to issue forth. I hate men. Je veux une barbe et ce tableau:

The Beard is the Grass of the Bald-Headed Man

eirynjakob said...
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eirynjakob said...
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eirynjakob said...

if I have to delete this one more time...


eirynjakob said...

oh vinny styles, how you do me like you do?

what a fab mix. I'm still sulking over this heightened estrogen in my body that I believe alienates me from REALLY experiencing this mix as it's meant to be.

velvet, uzi, vampires, breeders, beatles... I love a good scream outloud shake my moneymaker.

Lethal Killers... not so much, but I speak lauds for the rest of it.

Merci bien.

ps. your christmas mix was returned to me. Did you move or did I get it all wrong?