Mar 29, 2008

(insert sound of me grinding my teeth here)

So some a-hole got my debit card info (and PIN and that little number on the back for verification) and used my card with impunity on the internet. Thus I have a frozen account, no card, a large headache, an $1800 Moneygram and $1200 worth of pants. Until it is resolved (BofA told me it would be fixed last Wednesday, but alas...) I am living leanly and carefully and have chosen to mail my mixes (already burned and ready) prob'ly around the first-ish of April.
I chose to buy food and gas instead of mailing the mixes. I'm such an ingrate.
I'll post the tracks when they hit the mail.
Thanks fer yer patience,
The Captain

From the long lost Vincnt

Trevor, our old guild mate who left had a contribution and he wanted me to share it all with you. He spent a lot of time on it so give it a listen.

He said,
please share it with the guild. it's completely tagged and everything. the artist will come up as "vincnt" but all the names of the bands are in the track name. i couldn't think of a better way to do it. enjoy and share!


note: this mix was composed as i sat on the floor of my room one morning scratching at my growing beard, hence the name "music for beard-wearers."

Mar 26, 2008

Don't Mess with Abe


Here is my mix. Uploaded for you to download. I have had it ready for months, but I like the idea of saving time and money on postage and CDs. Don't call me cheap or lazy, at least not to my face. I will say that I am REALLY proud of this mix and it definitely deserves a few listens. I love it!
You will love it!

So here it is without bells and whistles, but I am sure you will hear both bells and whistles.

Enigma Guild Mix March 08

01 Peter Bjorn and John – Young Folks feat. Victoria Bergsman
02 White Rabbits – Kid On My Shoulder
03 Arthur & Yu – Lion’s Mouth
04 Hot Chip – Over and Over
05 The Dodos – Trades & Tariffs
06 Danielson – Did I Step On Your Trumpet
07 Radiohead – House of Cards
08 Deer Tick - Ashamed
09 Eagle*Seagull – Your Beauty is a Knife I Turn On My Throat
10 Kid Theodore – Lady Luck
11 Eric Bachmann – Little Bird
12 Caribou – Melody Day
13 Shapiro – All Things Around the Sun
14 Yeasayer - Sunrise
15 M. Ward – Chinese Translation
16 Voxtrot – Soft & Warm
17 Ghostland Observatory – Midnight Voyage

Mar 15, 2008

a soothsayer bids you beware the ides of March

These will go out on Monday. A few bands we've seen in the guild already and a few tracks I'm positive everyone already has (Beck's, por ejemple) but these are what I felt like throwing down this time around. I did put some effort in theme and order but being as how I find stranger transitions than some, if it comes off crazy eclectic and sporadic, apologies all around. Have a good several March holidays, everyone. I hope the yellow peeps taste as good this year as the gold foiled chocolate coins. I considered swapping out Portobello Road for Let's Go Fly a Kite seeing as how it's spring and all, but....I felt like having a darker mix. Did anyone else think Bowie looked eerily like David Tomlinson in his Prestige role? Could have been the mustache. Lemme know if there's any trouble with the computer has been weird the past year but decided to start burning cds again just could be an Easter miracle, but if there are any bunk mixes that get sent out I will resend away with the real deal. Hope you like these.

1 Care of Cell 44 -- The Zombies
2 Will You Be Me? -- Kimya Dawson
3 The Hard Way Every Time -- Jim Croce
4 I Want to Live in a Wigwam -- Cat Stevens
5 Velvet Goldmine -- David Bowie
6 One of These Days -- Doves
7 Her Hairagami Set -- The Brunettes
8 Gila -- Beach House
9 Good People Check -- Themselves
10 Crushed Bones -- Why?
11 Ladies of Cambridge -- Vampire Weekend
12 All Through the Night -- Cyndi Lauper
13 Out Under Stars -- Vitesse
14 The Other Side of Mt Heart Attack -- Liars
15 Citrus -- The Hold Steady
16 Portobello Road -- David Tomlinson/Angela Lansbury
17 Little One -- Beck
18 Don't be Afraid to Sing -- Stars
19 I Know You Can Smile -- Slowblow
20 You Forgot to Answer -- Nico