Mar 26, 2008

Don't Mess with Abe


Here is my mix. Uploaded for you to download. I have had it ready for months, but I like the idea of saving time and money on postage and CDs. Don't call me cheap or lazy, at least not to my face. I will say that I am REALLY proud of this mix and it definitely deserves a few listens. I love it!
You will love it!

So here it is without bells and whistles, but I am sure you will hear both bells and whistles.

Enigma Guild Mix March 08

01 Peter Bjorn and John – Young Folks feat. Victoria Bergsman
02 White Rabbits – Kid On My Shoulder
03 Arthur & Yu – Lion’s Mouth
04 Hot Chip – Over and Over
05 The Dodos – Trades & Tariffs
06 Danielson – Did I Step On Your Trumpet
07 Radiohead – House of Cards
08 Deer Tick - Ashamed
09 Eagle*Seagull – Your Beauty is a Knife I Turn On My Throat
10 Kid Theodore – Lady Luck
11 Eric Bachmann – Little Bird
12 Caribou – Melody Day
13 Shapiro – All Things Around the Sun
14 Yeasayer - Sunrise
15 M. Ward – Chinese Translation
16 Voxtrot – Soft & Warm
17 Ghostland Observatory – Midnight Voyage


Cryptobadger said...

Er, the caption for that image is, "ABRAHAM LINCOLN GONNA F#@$ YOU UP."

Just needed to straighten that out.

Enigma-Machinist said...

Thanks Bry for clearing that up.

Grifter said...


Enigma-Machinist said...

Haha I guess that works too. Abe is not to be trifled with.

But uh... do you like my mix? Like at all?

eirynjakob said...

yo my 'nigma,

it comes, you will have feedback forthwith. It's just a barrage of mickses, ya dig? I dedicate today to you and tonight I'll meet you on the porch for tea. I've got this new rose blossom one that's just to die for dahling. I'll tell you all about my experience with you then.


eirynjakob said...

I find it light and informative. I'm a pretty old soul and it's good to get a little new age dirt under the nails.

I walked through sunny days with this mix and that is when I feel it's most appropriate for me, good tempo to step intime to.

No favourites just all around pleasure.

merci Americham Lincoln for the education.

Gillz said...

I haven't had much listening time recently, but I placed your mix lovingly into the rest of my ipod and let it ride randomly whilst I embark on adventures to the post office, Fry's, the office, the eye appointment, the rock shop. Every once in a while a beautiful song I don't recognize comes on and it is from your mix.

So thank you for those occasional bursts of new good things. As soon as I am stabilized and/or have to make a large dignified drive somewhere large and dignified, I'll give you a further critique.

Anonymous said...

So for the last three days, I keep listening to that Eagle*Seagull song. You've pre-empted me on a Dodos placing in a mix but I think I might throw one into there anyway.

And the more and more people throw in Voxtrot, the more they're moving up to one of my favorite bands.

And Over and Over might be one of the most infectious songs ever made.

Grifter said...

A breakdown of my favorites from this mix:

Deer Tick - Ashamed
This youngster has pleased me greatly. I got this from iTunes a while back and gave it a superficial listen. Had you not included this track, I might have written the album off. You forced it on me, and I am being rewarded.

Kid Theodore – Lady Luck
These guys were fun live...thanks for bringing them around. I know you might hate me for saying this, but I thought that Ghostland should have opened for these guys...just my preference for the style.

Eric Bachmann – Little Birds
He can do no wrong, whether here or Archers of Loaf. I love this labum greatly. I think this track and 'You Must Build a Fire' are two uniquely honest, compelling songs, and I loved seeing this song on here.

Yeasayer - Sunrise
Just a damn good song.

M. Ward – Chinese Translation
I have never bought a complete M. Ward album, but all the songs I have of his are so incredibly good that I really question my inaction. On my computer, I have about a dozen tracks from various recordings, and I never skip them when they come on. This song was completely new to me, and it was without exception my favorite song on the mix. I am a real sucker for Americana sounding, dusty, country-infused stuff. My thanks for a fine mix.