Feb 26, 2008

the dark month

for the month of february:

welcome to the first mix of 2008, et enjoi.


Grifter said...

not so much the first mix o' this year, being that I mailed mine last week, yo.

Suck tailpipe, beotch.

Jokes. Cheers for you and your online mix posting.

Grifter said...

ballsy title, btw

eirynjakob said...

a combination of the obvious and the poison of excitement poured in my ear whilst slumbering, all for the new Batman. But you already knew that.

And how was I to know you had already mailed out your micks? I didn't see no tracklist... beotch.


Grifter said...

well, you'll see postmark dating. Contrast that with the dating of your post, and you gots yer answer, bizzznatch.


Gillz said...

Eiryn, downloading away I will a-go.

Also, unrelated note: I've been wearing your sweatband from your mixtape of yore to play tennis, run on treadmills, and eat tacos at Cafe Rio. It's made me quite the popular gal. Thanks for helping me look cool. I'll talk about your mix soon, promise promise.

Gillz said...

Okay first, Eiryn you skank, you stole my Madvillain thunder.

Secondly, help. Do I need to sign up for this and then upload the files or do I need to download them from a PC? I can do either.....any helpful hints....oh wait...cancel that order, stuffit expander was just being slow. They seem to be coming up just fine. If I have any problems I'll holler. Also, I like that your playlist has your gmail in the background and I am online. I feel somehow more important than I did seconds ago.

eirynjakob said...

Sharp gal, I knew you'd pick up on my shout out.


Also, I didn't point this out before, for some reason I thought it was guildly known. This mix was a tag team, a month for couples, made by a couple, ya dig? So I teamed up with Mad Sound Slayer Cobabe (richard [rick] Cobabe).

So next time any guilders feel inclined to use words like skank, professor, hoser, etc. keep in mind it is a shared title. And Rick is very sensitive.

Before anyone even says it, Rick does not want to join, he is a realist and knows as long as he has to send a cd out, no one will ever receive one. Thank you for your honesty Rick.

Best regards,

co-mixmaster ej

Gillz said...

Hey Rick, sorry to call you skank. Pleased to meet you. Love your choices, man.

ibid said...

Going into this comment it must be stated that i have afore hated reggae and rap. I have been reluctant to comment because I have no desire to hurt feelings because after the mix, I still don't like reggae or anything that sounds like it (Skank in Bed).
However, many, MANY, of these songs that would be qualified as rap shattered my absolute belief that rap is not for me. Especially: Spank Rock. That track is fine wine.

I thoroughly enjoyed songs by obviously the Issac Hays and Blind Stevie but was floored by: Son House, Mississippi John Hurt, Wilson Pickett, ESG, The Upsetters, and the Chambers Brothers.

I loved this mix. Loved it.

Gillz said...

I got to say....I adore the ESG track. I'm learning the words and lip synching in front of the mirror while I blow dry my hair and get pumped for the morning/afternoon/evening. Makes me feel tough.

Other current favorites are Mississippi John Hurt (bitterly fine), Candi Staton, Love, Jorge Ben, and the Title Theme is a really perfect title theme.

As usual, I'm impressed by the breadth and depth of your selections and feel at home in some of your tracks and a traveler in others which is both comforting and exotic. This is positive. I really like getting tastes of something new and revisited. Thanks for the mix. More as it comes.

eirynjakob said...

ESG is sonorous adrenaline, agreed. There is no better feeling than my 8 year old neice punctuaing the end of our car ride with an, "I'm gonna erase you!"

She's gonna talk stuff like this up to her friends when she's 25. ESG just gave us all street cred.

eirynjakob said...

ps. thanks ibid/grift/gillz for the +++ feedback. It makes putting these mixes together much less laborious. And I'll give it to you people of the Empire *wank wank joe*... laborious looks waaaaay better without the "u".

Grifter said...

this is the second time i will try to leave some feedback. my prior attempt failed and erased the text. this time i'll copy first. strange.

okay...again...nice mix of mostly new stuff with some household names. i personally like that in mixes. you know, Stevie Wonder, Son House, Chambers Bros--keep some classic names in the rotation with all the new hip stuff. I love the opening track too much. I think Sly Stalone did hisself a huge disservice by not including this song in any Rocky training montages. I want to throw my hat into the ESG ring also. They are fantastic...seemingly paving the way lyrically for luminaries such as Fannypack. I will find more.

I appreciate the dub/reggae tracks on here. very good. nice to just let play and not think about too much. just feel good. very cool.

I didn't really enjoy TV on the Radio's latest, but "Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes" rocks. I still think it is genius...such a good song.

A huge deal for me was the Mulatu Astatke song. I heard this song on Little Radio's "songs from the void" and never got the performer's name. you are a saint.

And i also like that you include a Portuguese track on occasion. way to represent the Terra Santa.

This mix is perfect. Thanks for the gift Eiryn.

Gillz said...

Eiryn, I can't stop listening to Mississippi John Hurt. Maybe it's my southern blood, or rather, my father's (and thus mine), but it's been healing my heart as well. I love it. I love that song.

Also, I like having Jimmy Smith and Wes Montgomery on my computer. That fulfills something essential in me.

And I love the Love track snuck in there are slippery-like. It's a good song, too. I'm a sucker for that good old late '60s pop sound. Hallelujah for Burt Bacharach haha.

eirynjakob said...

Love translates man, I use that song for daily expression:

tea time - "bomp bomp bomp bomp bomp, I just get out my little green cup..."

bills time - "bomp bomp bomp bomp bomp I just get out my little cheque book"

at 5'0" best friend time - "bomp bomp bomp bomp bomp I just get out my lil bessfren"


oh mang... so glad you dig it