Dec 4, 2008

Gone but not Forgotten

I really appreciate ej (wajok) message. It made me realize that I have been a little lost and perhaps I should return to the Mixtape work and start sending out my mixes again. I have prepared a few, but never posted... My own fault.

I have relocated since my destiny does not appear to need to continue in Rexburg, Idaho. I now reside at:
3903 Glacier Court
Fort Collins, Colorado 80525

So if there are any mixes that were sent to me, they are probably misdirected to some other location, I am sorry I never got to hear them.
Once I fix up that blasted computer of mine holding all the music I was ever given, stolen, or even on occasion purchased, I will begin setting up posts with new tracklists.

1 comment:

Gillz said...

Yeah, let's do this the upload way. It was so nice to save a good thirty bucks on postage. Troyboy, you need to get me new songs!! I appreciate! I appreciate! Give us some Organ if you can. That Organ track you gave me is getting listened to quite a bit these days.