Dec 4, 2008

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Comment by wajok:


Critiques to follow after a slow roll over the tongue.

2007-05-17 7.08.MD


I hope you still frequent this place because you ought to know:

I just braved the lone (wo)manned 12 hour drive from Virginia to my home in Toronto and do not hyperbolate in saying that seven hours of the silence in my car was molested by the tireless spinning of your May(April) '07 mix. Without tracklist I said to myself, "that voice, that whistle... could it be Andrew Bird?" Caribou betrayed themselves with their smattering of crescendos and decrescendos. Mirah. La voz.

I found that without a tracklist I was still able to identify six or seven of the artists by sound alone, but it wasn't the comfort of familiarity that kept me spinning. It's just a beautiful blend. Fluid. The tone was arresting.

At hour two into the drive I was sure I was going to turn around and never make it back to Oz, but I discovered your micks at the bottom of a pile, neglected, scratched to sh-t (track 8 and 9 are forever sullied). It gave me drive, filled my tank, fuelled my engine.

Merci bien mon ami.

ej (wajok)

Through these arms I transfer _____:


Gillz said...

that hug should be extra special for ole' enigma because he's a virginia boy himself. i ditto eiryn's comment, by the way. i continue to enjoy your old mix, troy.

Enigma-Machinist said...

Virginia is for Lovers, its true. I miss the old country, the trees and leaves. My ancient house surrounded by rolling hills of the Shenandoah Valley. And enjoying long walks in the warm summer through the dark of night, lighted only by a sparkle of distant fireflies. How could we have ever left?

I am so glad you loved it.

If you need that track list again:

Enigma's Mix