Nov 22, 2008

Here's some from Gillzy.........................

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All right, I've been meaning to post this for ages. I've had a love/hate relationship with this list and finally have just decided to take the plunge and if you want it, take it, if you don't, fine. Let me know if you have problems getting the tracks.......I've never done this before.

Some notes:

Can't get enough of that Murray Head.

"Muzorewi's Daughter"......yeah. When I don't really dig this song, it really aggravates me. It's really not p.c. either. But at the same time....I've danced to drum circles that sang worse. I heard this song in a random place and enjoyed it at the time. If you hate it, I understand. Still, it is one of the only non-lugubrious songs on here so at least let it cleanse your ear palate.

"Two Out of Three Ain't Bad": Yes, Meat Loaf makes a comeback. My father always carried with him a cassette tape of Bat Out of Hell and on one occasion, Dad was singing along to "Two Out of Three" and crooning Mom with it. Mom didn't appreciate the lyrics and (we were driving from Mississippi back to Utah...long trip) the third or fourth time around my mom finally ejected the cassette tape and chucked it out the window where another car on the freeway promptly ran over it. Without saying a word, my dad pulled an identical Bat Out of Hell cassette tape out of his jacket pocket and jammed the damned thing back into the tape player. I swear this story is true. You could have cut that tension with a butter knife.

Jamirquai: I know, whatever, it's on Napolean Dynamite. I care not. I can't listen to this song and not dance. It makes me think, "I have this music IN me!" For that reason alone, I include it in this mix. I dare you to listen to the whole thing without moving. Even riding my bicycle at midnight, I can't help but at least give a few fist punches into the air when this song appears on my music-listening device.

Paolo Nutini: I don't really like his other stuff, but I like this one song. I'm just saying.

"Japanese to English": So, this is the live version.....I tried to find the other vers. but I couldn't. They both have their merits but I'd like to snag a version of the original albumized track. If anyone has it.....................por favor.

Well. The end.


Grifter said...

i am really interested in a mix that has the fall and meatloaf on it.

where have you been randomly overhearing fall tracks?

Gillz said...

Grifter, I am a frequenter of Pandora radio whilst teaching Engrish to tweenagers.

I don't remember what station I and my Lit and Comp class were listening to as they brainstormed poetry, but they wanted something upbeat....oh I remember now! It was Halloween and we wanted something dark. We kept starting stations that began with songs named "Frightened" or "October." We ate candy and they wrote Halloween poetry. The Fall's track randomly appeared and in that moment, all of my girls and myself were sold. They all wrote down the artist and song name and they commented appreciatively on the lead's frequent shrieks and yelps.

So that's why I liked the song so much. Have you heard much Fall? I've read up a bit on them--they definitely have endurance......

Grifter said...

okay...understood. by my way of thinking, the fall have some real staying power. not for everyone, of course, but we spun them some in the KFLO days and they were always a challenge, which I enjoyed. say what you will, their approach is unique. they are a pretty divisive listen too...i spent 2 hours in a pub in Cincinnati a few weeks ago with a guy who was rabidly pro-Fall, so they have been on my mind again quite a bit lately...i relistened to what I had and then got your track (which i didn't have)--again, this cosmic timing, on your part.

as for the rest of your mix, i am spinning it in good faith and it has some very high peaks for me--details forthcoming. the only dark spot is Josh Ritter...he's ruining a legacy of a last name with his gawdawful contrived accent...but you and i are still full-on buds.


Gillz said...

No, no, Joe, I know, I know. I have wanted to turn back the wheels of time and take Ritter off. I honestly feel like it was the Ritter bit than won me in the first place. What is this song? Oh, he is from Idaho? Wait, he's a RITTER? And then I stopped listening and stuck him on, booting off another perfectly good track that now will never be listened to. When I listen to my own mix, I skip over the Ritter song. I'm not even just saying that b/c of your comment. I'm sure he's a nice man. And I did like his song one time. But I had pictures of bellbottoms and come-n-knock-on-our-door dancing in my head when I sporadically stuck him on there at the last minute.....damn.

That is eerie about the Fall. I had meant to ask you if you'd heard much of them. I am proud they frequented KFLO. Let me know if you think my track is a bust and send me sniffing off for better Fall tracks if you have good ones in mind.

ibid said...

an addition to the Fall discussion.

I have only just recently heard of the Fall. A guy I go to school with is a fan. He is more of a proponent of getting into their later stuff so you can appreciate their earlier stuff which, he says is a bit difficult to grasp on to.

He didn't think the Gillz gifted song was the best starting point as it is early Fall.

Joe, would you agree? I have only heard this one song from Gillz, and am having a difficult time with it, so perhaps there is something to his argument.

As for the rest of the mixer:

There is some uncanny overlap here. The mix I was compiling before your post had one of the exact same songs (Bob Dylan's) and two others from exact same artists (Cat and Horse Feathers), we are simpatico.

Dylan's track has haunted me of late. It is one of the saddest song I can remember hearing.

I agree with Josh Ritter...he has some catchy tunes (Girl in the War) but he is not my favorite.

It's good to see the constants on your mix: Meat Loaf, The The, and Man Man.

I still can't get behind the Loaf, either in food form or music form. but you keep him coming and I may just get worn down.

I throughly have enjoyed the Red House Painters track, I hadn't heard that song previously so grassy-ass, they are one of my favorites.

This was a great mix, Gillilli. I thank you and my feet thank you because I haven't been noticing the long walk nearly as much with this singing in my ears.

Cochlea plundered, well done.

Gillz said...

Darren, you are so kind. One of my bestest of friends.

And yes, Joe sent me a better Fall track that maybe you should have him send you, as well. "Muzorewi's Daughter" I will say has a fantastic fluctuating tempo that I enjoy each time, but yes, I seriously doubt it is the best track to initiate a golden friendship with The Fall from. Joe, I demand you compile a good listing of Fall tracks. I am too curious now.

I really wish I had that other vers. of the Red House Painters track.....they are both good, but I wanted the original. I'll keep lookin'.

And as for the Meat Loaf, you have to admit that, "I'm crying icicles instead of tears!" is a fantastic line. Not to mention: "I know you're looking for a ruby in a mountain of rocks, but there ain't no coupe de ville hiding at the bottom of a crackjack box!" Bwa silly. Silly Meat Loaf.

Okay Darren. It's your turn. Ready, set, post us some great music!!

Grifter said...

For the Fall, i think a good place to start might be the album "This Nation's Saving Grace."

The album is like a greatest hits James "Laid". I love this album to death, but it seems to require a certain set of moods, for me...angsty, surly, apathetic, or excited with a touch of attitude...(see especially tracks like "Barmy" [which I am convinced is a more sophisticated version of the Stone's take on 'Satisfaction'] and "Bombast"--rockin track that could introduce a heist scene in a Guy Ritchie film anyday..)

I sure love L.A....and Petty Thief Lout has this uncanny ability to stay in my head everytime i listen to it.

Grifter said...

Some long overdue thoughts on this most excellent of mixes…. . .. ..

Boots of Spanish leather—i never paid this song much attention, always preferring “Girl From the North Country.” (for some reason I thought I had to choose) This one has some real staying power and its effect was doubled while walking to and from campus through the wooded reserve trails linking my home and office. Excellent for reflection.

Okay…Jamiroquai. I can’t get behind this track much…but I have to ask if you have ever heard “The Return of The Space Cowboy?” that’s my dancer of choice. I mean, the film you referenced just ruined my associations with this song. A shame.

Horse Feathers. I gotta go get the rest of these. Thanks for adding to my economic burden through these unstable fiscal times. I didn’t even know that they were releasing a new set of songs. My only complaint is that sometimes I wish the singer would unwire his jaw for a track…but I wish I could arrange songs/write like these folks.

Major highs:

The Friscalating Dusklight (this a Tennenbaums reference?)—this song is really sharpish. Try as I might, I won’t even get away from post-punk instrumentals (a la Mogwai, Tortoise…etc). This sorts of sounds like a Mogwai/Explosions in the Sky marriage. I needs look further into the makers of these sounds, because I like this simple offering you gave me. The intro is really something, and I love the transition at 2:15. Sublime.

Bound Stems—where’d you chance upon this stuff? This is really something. I appreciate the tailoring of the musical style with the lead vocalists, er, voice. Does this make sense? It’s like listening to spoon. The timbre of the voice just matches the style so seamlessly. I dig this. Another artist I was oblivious to and who I need to inspect

Sea And the Cake—I had forgotten all about this track! Yes! You are a god for bringing this back into my playlist. I pretty much have a man crush on both Archer Prewitt and Sam Prekop. “One Bedroom” got a lot of spin on the last days of original KFLO/second KFLO installment—this was instant nostalgia. Danka.

One Night in Bangkok—I am going to take the liberty of forwarding this to Mark Clements. I have never heard this remix and I know that Mark would lap it up like custard. Few songs make me laugh harder than this…and the house music glossing makes it even more silly to me. Bizarre.

The The—was this from your collection or was this Price inspired? I only ask because I know he’s a The The junky. I rather appreciate this song…the Johnny Marr sounding guitars, weirdish mellotron intro (the second I heard the wacky xylophone sounds, I thought this is a typical wacky Gillz track…made me laugh). This is a pretty song. Another one that made my campus walking more enjoyable…nostalgic. Thanks

Overall, much slaying going on here. Thanks for your time and musical gifts.

Gillz said...

Joe, I never knew you left these comments. This is me signing on to say they have been read, and thank you.


P.S. The The was my own find, though, Price and I did listen to The The together, oft.