Oct 10, 2008

And Then There Were Few...

Here is the mix...hopefully.

Just some tracks. The few of us that want to keep up here should just feel free to post willy-nilly, I think. I like that idea. I haven't been on the "hip new music" tip lately...everyday I realize how much great music I have passed up. This mix is mainly songs in that realm, no binding theme again other than I appreciate each of these songs lyrically/thematically, instrumentally, A&B, or otherwise.

Poster's Memo/Things I Think Are Worth Watching Out For:

Pink Steam, about 4:04 in the song...the guitars start playing, for a few seconds, a really moving (to me) little 3 or 4 note sequence that quickly leaves. I listen to the whole song for this.

Untrust Us--nice little smash up of a great song by "Death From Above 1979" (la cocaina no es buena para su salud)

Pitch--the vocals/lyrics are amazing, and they go full scale at about 2:10. I have listened to this track probably 120 times and it razes me every time

Mercy Seat--some amazing lyrics here

My Shit's Fucked Up--i can't say enough about Warren Zevon or this song. Really. I think I dig this song so much because of a live version I heard (free for your taking at archive.org) where the audience seems to be beer swilling frat guys absolutely out of touch with their own mortality, and Zevon is their in front of them singing about the fact that he knows his time is short. It is really haunting. I suggest tracking it down. Caveat Auditor--explicit lyrics warning, but entirely tasteful in my opinion...I mean, the man wrote this while diagnosed with mesothelioma...

Sawtooth Tiger--I like Alex Mauer, or anyone else who releases an entire album on an NES cartridge.

Fixed in the Sky--I know I keep coming back with the Grifters, but I really just can't stop. This song is an instrumental and it just aches. Really beautiful sounds here.

To many notes. All these songs have their virtues. Now someone else post a mix so that I have something to spin on my long walks to school.

Until the next instant...

j. wyatt


Gillz said...

hoooooooray! thank you for posting this. as soon as I figure out how to do this upper-class technosavvy online music posting thing (shouldn't be too hard), I will reciprocate. I'm very excited to listen to this and look forward to more people uploading great things...............

ibid said...

this mix has been a constant since it's landing on my iPod. It is my new best friend as I walk my long walk to school every morn and eve. it works because I don't have to hit skip, just play. I rarely make a playlist that when listening to I agree with all my choices.

well done.

I waited until today to read your comments on what to look out for. sorry, I know then admonished to look out for something it is intended as a preamble not a post script but i wanted a clean go at this to see how well we overlapped.

Pink Steam is easily my favorite. So good. Listen so loud your ears go numb type goodness. You nailed it too, it is exactly that part that I find best.

And there is something about, as discussed, hearing Johnny Cash sing about a space ship that changes a person.

My Shit's Fucked Up is a great song made better by knowing your bit of info about it.

Anyway....i won't opine any longer as i have doings to do, but i think the mix is fine.

Price said...

any way that I can convince you to repost the songs and let me suckle from the teat that is your musical prowess?

Gillz said...

Okay, ditto Darren's comment about Cash singing about a spaceship....awesome. I listen to that one heavily on lonely freeways and, obviously, highways at dusk or dawn when I don't see any other cars but my own. Really really like it.

I love Pink Stream as well, but I think I like Untrust Us more. Possibly the most. I don't why...I think it's because I like when the register lowers--it does something to my gut when it deepens out there every so often. Hypnotic. I kept going back and back to it on long drives.

I like the Queens of the Stone Age track mostly because we put the same song on a birthday mix I made for my little sister in '03. I hadn't heard it since.

And yeah......"Pitch." You word "raze" nails it. It destroyed me the first time I heard him start to wail.....I held my breath. And then the lyrics broke me again. I've listened to that and Untrust Us the most. One time through Sardine Canyon I just skipped back and forth between the two.

I have to admit that the Renato Russo track and I thought, "Holy shiz, is Griffin putting an EFY track on his mix?" No offense. Seriously. I am an uncultured swine. But it sounds eerily like some song from my past that I heard in Seminary somewhere....apologies, apologies.

The Mercy Seat is another great one. And yes, the lyrics are powerful. I listened to it driving under a full moon and I swear I thought the apocalypse was on its brink.

Thank you for the Tim and Eric.

The Warren Zevon track is one of the most powerful songs I've listened to. I love the simplicity of the repeated melody and his voice is heartbreaking. I wasn't offended by the language at all. It is haunting. "Aw shucks, oh well." It's cutting. I wish I could share it with a select few of my students just to instigate some kind of catharsis. I won't though.

Did Mauer really release this on an NES cartridge? Fabulous.

Four Tops' "Walk Away Renee" is another big favorite. I have always loved this song but have never owned it. It's got such heart. I just want to fall forward clenching my fists and pulling them down towards the ground, you know, musician style. Why that image is so hard to explain is beyond me.

The Libertines' track is also fabulous. I'm a sucker for the accent, also the whistling, and it's a great song to put on when I'm feeling drowsy on the road.

Your mix is highly appreciated from this end and I hope it won't be the last one you post.