May 17, 2008

much belated sergei politictov

thanks to emmy for help w/ the image. some repeats in artists here and one same cd. i feel kind of arrogant making a political statement, but it was a theme that was on my mind. of course everyone will have their own pov. i think these are good songs either way so please enjoy them. interesting that "youth against fascism" still seems to apply some 15 yrs later. and marvin's 35 yr old classic. conversely, does anybody even think about jesse [helms] anymore? maybe in the south.
as a side note: next week i'm going to the gorge for the sasquatch festival. i'm looking for suggestions on who i shouldn't miss. especially early in the day and at the side stages. take a look at the line up at and please give me some feedback. i've checked out some of these artists, but don't want to miss something awesome 'cause i'm watching malkmus for the 3rd time. not that he isn't awesome. you know what i mean.
thanks all

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