May 10, 2008

This is an encrypted transmission

Winter was hard and I live an ungodly distance from the post-office, it has snowed like a hell would snow and I nearly split my gulliver when I took a tumble one day riding my bike home from work on the ice. But you know me, I can't complain.

I have a stack of cds labeled with a yellow sticky note. It has been collecting dust. The 'to do' check-box on the note indicates a void of action or a surplus of inaction. I can't tell which. In any case I feel bad about syncopating the rhythm of the guild. And the physical media and its transport has been my biggest impediment to faithful interchange. I've been considering leaving the discs behind at the places I frequent, such as the pool where I do laps, the pub where I eat on thursdays, the vietnamese place that has great pho, the cafe where I drink green tea and read books I don't understand. . . Maybe I'll leave them with an anonymous note that says "I think you're great" or a suspicious looking one-time pad filled with random numbers and letters stamped in red FOR YOUR EARS ONLY.

So for those who would like to hear the iso-wintertime mix that I herded together only to let it age gracefully on my cheap fibreboard dresser, you can get it here & here, or if you'd prefer a torrent, you can get that here.

Namaste to my young american warriors of the post subprime new economic epoch.
And to my fellow Canadian compatriot(s) I'll share a terrible joke:

So this baby seal walks into a club . . .

(tracklisting is included in both the torrent folder and the zip file. This mix was constructed sequentially and intended to play sequentially. Non-sequential random-ordered playing may result in strange juxtapositions, scattered thoughts of antique deep-sea diving helmets and notions of bears wearing ill-fitting hats.)

* in memory of an old horseman who loved the Aussies and taught me to walk a horse the last ½ mile home after a hard ride.
And the band played waltzing matilda as they carried him down the gangway.


eirynjakob said...


your joke got not only a lol but a hand clap. cheers.

I have the empathies for you. Whilst I feel as though I set the ball rolling up loads and through torrents, I understand your position. I'm finding warmer lands again. For life (ambiguity!). An open invitation to all guilders.

I'll test run the mix and feed you back later.

ibid said...

probably due to my own ineptitude the many attempts to download this mixxer have always been followed by failure. The torrent is seedless and thusly fruitless and the Driveway file offers only an error message.

help me please. I have been looking forward to this mix for some time now. am I the only one with this problem?

i to the bid.

PS. Rock Over London

isopraxis said...

I just checked the driveway link here at work and it seems to be functioning. I did notice that driveway likes to time-out, so maybe try, try again. (that's what I had to do for the other cpg mixes offered there.) My machine at home should be perpetually seeding the torrent, but I can't test that here from work.

I'll sort out an alternative http sharing solution if driveway continues to be kludgy.

FTP anyone? (whoah, flashback.)

isopraxis said...

ibid, maybe your internet tubes are clogged? Just kiddin' - I added another storage link at mediafire

ibid said...

thanks, that one worked for me.

Grifter said...

running with my rain face on

today i woke up feeling