May 13, 2007

Enigma's Late Late Late, but still arrived Mix

Some of you have gotten it, some of you haven't and so you can still complain about how lazy the April group was. At least until you get mine, that is. All appologies for lateness. Life does tend to get in the way. Moving from apartment to house, not having 20 bucks to spend on burnable CDs, starting a new full sememster of school, travelling... blah blah blah, yada yada yada. I just hope the anticipation doesn't detract from the quality of the mix. Enjoy.

1. Arizona - Surviving the Savior
2. Devotchka - Queen of the Surface Streets
3. Damien Jurado - Abilene
4. Andrew Bird - A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left
5. Caribou - Bees
6. Eagle*Seagull - Lock and Key
7. Cass McCombs - What Isn't Nature
8. On!Air!Library - Bread
9. Autolux - Capital Kind of Strain
10. Oh No! Oh My! - Walk In the Park
11. Band of Horses - Monsters (apparently I stole this track... hahaha too late!)
12. Clinic - Come Into Our Room
13. Mirah - Special Death
14. Belle & Sebastian - (I Believe in) Travellin' Light
15. Arcade Fire - Cold Wind
16. The Black Heart Procession - Guess I'll Forget You

Thats all.
I hope that some of the songs that you will love and enjoy, even possibly be some of your new favorite. As for me, I may never listen to these songs again.

PS: Thanks Captian for your mix. It was enjoyable. My favorite track would have to be by Nina Simone.


Chaucer Arafat said...

There it is. I found it humorous that this mixtape had April 07 written on it, with a postmark date of May 11th (and that is the last of my peurile jokes about timeliness).

I "dig" this mix, and wanted to chime in on a few of my favorites right off. The Damien Jurado track is excellent, and not just because I am a sucker for anything that even hints of good western-driven acoustica. Damien Jurado is someone whose name I have read often and who has come highly suggested, but for reasons unknown I have never explored. This mix has launched my interest, fully.

Oh, the Caribou track. I had heard this before, but never listened all the way through to the rockin' end. I love this song, I mean, just think it is incredible. I love the analog-sounding opening, so very Canned Heat. Does anyone else think Canned Heat on the beginning there? Uncannny.

I also swore there was a Neil Halstead (or Mojave 3) song on my mix, but I'll have to go listen again. I was deceived.

More later, but I am glad this finally came.

Enigma-Machinist said...

Thanks, I am glad you found the Date written on it to be humorous. At least you were paying attention! Haha.

And thanks for your comments on the tracks.

teacher of fruit said...

Yeah! finally a track list (Sorry all, I actually got this in April, just without a track list).

I love the clinic song...where have I heard it before? Is that on the trainspotting soundtrack? Cannot remember.

Catchy-est song for me is the Andrew Bird song. It sticks for days, in the good way. Like honey...not tar? (sorry.)

Chaucer Arafat said...

I too was going to include either Andrew Bird's "Fake Palindromes" or "Heretics", but I had the sneaking suspicion that Bird would make someone else's mix. Don't wanna be stealin' no thunder.

ibid said...

Ah yes...I had Fake Palindromes on my mix...but now that Mr. Bird has been represented, I will find an alternate.

Great mix.

Chaucer Arafat said...


you should consider something by Richard Marx as a fitting replacement.

ibid said...

or perhaps Joshua Kadison?

Chaucer Arafat said...

"Jesse paints a picture, 'bout how its gonna be...Jesse, you could always sell any dream to me.."

Captain Admiral said...

I was going to include A Nervous Tic... weird that all of us seem to have Andrew Bird on our colective brain. I'm curious...most of you seem to like the Nina Simone song I included, but, I wonder, what was your least favorite song I sent and why?

Chaucer Arafat said...

the Cowboy Mouth song, for the reasons you outlined...and it wasn't horrible, I just read it quickly the first time and was expecting a Mescaleros track. Hence, I was sad when it wasn't Strummer, but a song about a Strummer litmus.

Anonymous said...

That Andrew Bird song is great. For some reason I have never listened to that one. It must have been passed over in my weekly downloads.

I love the song but I wish my band was named Eagle*Seagull. If I had a band, which I don't. But I do in my head. Lock and Key has this Beatles feel for me and when it finally breaks out toward the end it's this release I was waiting for the whole song. The tone of the song in the beginning just demands it and it's lovely. And I frickin love space sounds.

Enigma-Machinist said...

Teacher, thanks for patiently waiting for a tracklist, even though you had the CD about a week or two before the rest.
Thanks for your comments. Glad you like it! It's a good thing I used that Andrew Bird track before it was taboo. But he does have a great new album out with a bunch of new tracks, I am yet unfamiliar with all of them yet.
Seamus, I suggest that you get the whole album of Eagle*Seagull. It is very enjoyable, all the way through.

As for my own personal favorites, I love the tracks by Arizona, Damien Jurado, Eagle*Seagull and Cass McCombs.

Chaucer Arafat said...

Yeah, I will say it again, that Damien Jurado track is damn fine. damn damn.

I caint get 'er outta ma hed!

Luckily it is in my vocal range, so I can belt it out in the shower--in the cube--during class.

Very good.

I also tend to skip over Belle and Sebastian songs when Stuart Murdoch isn't singing, but this is actually a good Stevie Jackson track. I really really really thought it was Neil Halstead (from Mojave 3) at first. I kinda stopped on Belle and Sebastian after the Lazy Line Painter Jane boxset, never got the "cuckoo" single. It is good to know that Stevie eventually put out some palatable vocals (subjective snark!).

I hope people get a dialog going concerning this mix and the Cap'n's. They have both provided me with fallow fields to plow, and I am grateful.

Vincent said...

nice trizzle! got the disc yesterday. this mix will be playing on my way to work today! i know i'll love it. i'm familiar with a lot of it. cheers on finally getting it out. mine is finalized and i will send after i get some discs tonight and get to the post office tomorrow.

i had to change mine a lot because you and the captain used a lot of things i had in mind. but i'm happy with it.

anyone want me to post the tracklist? or do you want to be surprised?

ibid said...

I have said it before, and I will say it again: If the mixes only serve a single offering of previously undiscovered gold, then this Guild is well worth it, and I am grateful.

So, though Troy's mix was musically more up my timbre alley, the Captain's mix gifted far more than one enjoyable track.

In my book, both are superb.

Chaucer Arafat said...


I enjoyed hearing Enigma and Cap'n's mix without the preconception. Maybe mail the disqs tomorrow and post the tracklist online sometime Friday. Then again, it doesn't hurt to include it with the CD: it isn't as though we will be forced to read it. Your call, i guess.

As a note, my mix is in the mail and should be arriving, for a majority of you, tomorrow or thursday. I included a small slip of paper with the tracklist in each package--it is your call whether or not you read it. I will post a list on Friday. Also, the books (you'll see) are not to reinforce a theme or anything. They serve as ersatz jewel cases. And good reading materials.

I hope people don't feel overburdened by the preponderance of mixes. I saw John1:40 (another member of the slo-boat April group) and tried to convince him to forgo a mix this time, but he wouldn't have it. My guess is that he will get a mix out sometime in June.

For everyone: Hopefully people don't mind having a bevy of mixes this month--I know I have enough time to give them each attention. Then again, I hope I am not neglecting to admire someone's gift because I have so much more to digest. This should be incentive for everyone to mail their mixes by the 15th of their designated month. From now on, if you miss the 15th of the month, I say don't mail anything, as a favor to other guild members. I know I am a snarky asshole, but I think most of you would agree.

isopraxis said...

Even if John 1:40's mix is late, I implore him to send his headsounds my way. And this goes for you all. In the city of the future it is difficult to concentrate. I understands.

IMHO Dates are things to be eaten in Palestine and targets for a trip to the mail store. Peace is written on the doorstep in lava and left in the mailbox by a smokin' letter carrier. If your magma hardens up to be pahoehoe or a'a, I don't mind. For me it is more necessary that I get a mix than to think on some snow drizzled day that I wish I had a fresh plastic to listen to rather than to pedal through through crud without inspiration.

I'll even make this guarantee. If I get a mix from you, you will be invited to the 'enemy combatant' barbeque in Rexburg - when I make my palm sunday return to the perpetual state. I might even be able to get Ukranian Alex to marinate the pork.

"Do I look intimidating?"

"yeah Alex, you do look intimidating"

"Great. . ."

"What does intimidating mean?"

Chaucer Arafat said...

what is the date of our visit JNRX? what is the date??

Chaucer Arafat said...

er, that last post, y + our to = your

isopraxis said...

No solid date yet. Work is a zoo and its only getting zooier, but I'll keep the peeps informed as to my runs for the border

Chaucer Arafat said...

I was just being a wise-ass with the whole date thing, although I would break out the finest if you came back. JNRX in a Jesus analogy is an interesting idea, too.

And not to belabour the point, cause I don't want to seem like the "I hate music if its late Nazi", but the only reason I suggested not sending something if it is late was due to our prior conversation when establishing groups and assigning groups months. Sure, I wouldn't mind getting 10 mixes a month, but we need a little rigor. We don't want the Lord of the Flies schedule, and we also don't want the Joe Goebbles schedule. The Golden Mean, not the Shining Path. Strike the balance. Strike a pose.

wajok weiƟ said...


Critiques to follow after a slow roll over the tongue.

Chaucer Arafat said...

The intro of the Clinic track sounds like a casio version of 'living on a prayer'

spot on a match.

isopraxis said...

Damn fine mix Enigma.
I've loved Caribou since he/they were Manitoba. Great track. The Damien Jurado and Eagle*Seagull tracks stood slightly above the excellent quality of the rest of the disc.

Well played Amigo. A mix for all seasons.

Anonymous said...


I just keep listening over and over to your cd. I think the DeVotchka song is let me check at...14 plays now. It's going to be my summer song. For me summer music is completely different than the rest of the year and this has become track uno.

Andrew Bird song. Again. Great. Can't get it out of my head. Walk in the Park-also on my summer mix. I'm loving this whole thing. My wife, Valerie, whom everyone who knows will attest is cooler than me, gives it a big thumbs up.