May 13, 2007

Gillz's Quantum Whipped Delights Status

Hey all..........this is the story. I've about a half hour until midnight and while the mixtapes are done, I have nothing to package them in and I must be in Lehi, UT, by nine a.m. sharp to survival camp with at-risk teens until this next Thursday.

I won't ask for an extension in the future. But please hear me out. These are my excuses: I had to graduate. And I did. But it took some effort. And the day I graduated was the day before I left all means of cd-burning-equipment when I embarked on an 8-day extreme and strenuous tour of Cache Valley with the ever-cheezy and remarkably horrible yet lovely Latter-Day Voices which ended late last night and now I'm to be on my first week of work tomorrow morning where I'll be tossed without training halfway into the rotation with a bunch of people I've never met. I'm PRETTY SURE they'll let me off this next Thursday instead of pulling a double and keeping me on an extra week til the Thursday after that.......but sometimes you don't know these things until you think you're going home and then you're informed that you aren't. But I'll fight this circumstance if it becomes realized.

*clears throat* I'm just asking for an extra couple of days. I can send off the CDs Friday the 18th and you can all get them early the next week. Okay? I swear to cover the cases in kisses and candy and clever quips for giggles and endearing sighs. It'll be worth the wait, or I'll be damned. I have complained just as much as everyone else for other people's late starts and so you can complain as much as you'd like about me, to my face even. You'll change your tune in a week when my mix blows your boots off.

And, also, since a few of the April folk have since sent their deals, maybe it'll be nice that you won't get mine for another week so you can appropriately appreciate the April and May kids? You have my word you won't have to wait more than an extra week for my mix. I just cain't do it tomorrow. Profuse apologies and love, Gillz


Enigma-Machinist said...

Hey, No problem. Take your time. You know I did.

Chaucer Arafat said...

I don't think we'll be lacking for tunes in the meantime. Mine is going to post today, despite not having the potential to rock-off any socks. I also happened to run into Mr. Z yesterday, and he insisted on still sending his mixtape out, against my suggestion that maybe he should wait til next time. So, I think you should be covered. Remember your iodine pills and remember to leave any enabling behaviors at home.

teacher of fruit said...

Screw this. Lets nail her to the ground. (So...that means you won't be in writing group this week? I actually have something for everyone...finally.)

I'm very sorry I missed jazz hands and rainbow jump bumps (not sure the latter exists, but it should). I heard it was transcendent.