May 21, 2007

Gillz's Rainbow Hump Bump Mix List

Well, she should be coming to yer homes in a matter of days or hopefully hours for most of you. This be the tracklist, so look at it or don't. I know I've expressed grand cockiness about what I would eventually send out but let me footnote past claims with the truth that I was a bit rushed between camping and sending that led me to make some quick and sharp last-minute decisions, including swapping out an Iron Maiden track for video game music and leaving out important tracks I remembered I forgot as they came on to mock me when driving north on Saturday. But no more excuses. I'll stand behind this. Take it like carrion if you need to. If every person finds at least one new song they'd like to keep, I will feel like a success. Every high school guidance counselor would say the same.

1. Blonde Redhead---Equus
2. The Devastations---The Night I Couldn't Stop Crying
3. Cat Power---Naked if I Want to
4. Beirut---Scenic World
5. Wolf Parade---Grounds for Divorce
6. The Pillows---Ride on a Shooting Star
7. Bowie---Time Will Crawl
8. Meat Loaf---Modern Girl
9. Bachman-Turner Overdrive---Let It Ride
10. The Evens---Everybody Knows
11. Man Man---Van Helsing Boombox
12. Castlevania---Vampire Killer
13. The Books---Venice
14. Woody Guthrie---Talking Hard Work
15. Burt Bacharach---South American Getaway
16. Loney, Dear---Sinister in a State of Hope
17. Travis---The Cage
18. Bob Dylan---It Ain't Me Babe
19. M. Ward---Paul's Song
20. Regina Spektor---Better
21. The The---This is the Day

I feel like the Bowie song goes better with the video so I'll post it following this brief message. It isn't the greatest video, but there's an orange-jumpsuited and mohawked gentleman I am crushing on and Bowie spends most of it being flopped around like a rag doll and making faces in mirrors. It's goofy. Bachman-Turner Overdrive is for my mom...we both love that song. I don't want to hear any crap about The The being on M&M commercials and the roof-dancing-scene of Empire Records. It's still a damn fine song, and I want it on my mix. All right then. For your viewing pleasure:


Chaucer Arafat said...

I couldn't resist not sneakin' a look at this.

you have the chutzpah to whip-up a Meatloaf sandwich, complete with thin white Bowie-bread and sourdough BTO!!

your hero status just skyrocketed. i will be watching the mail like a peregrine.

isopraxis said...

To quote Jaxon Landon, 'to be completely honest with you', I hope that you can bring on the beauty with bto and meatloaf simultaneously. I heard that some scientists once tried this and opened a direct portal to hell, in which Satan himself tried to pawn Randy Bachmann off as someone invited to the party by Pope Pius X.

I live in the land of canadian hockey rock of the classic stripe that drives me nuts like the bugs in me head. So I'm just sayin. I hope you bring it alls together.

If you do bring it all together, I'm going to have to ashcan my plans to travel back in time and introduce meatloaf's parents to the lowly latex prophylactic, thus assassinating him. But rest assured, when my contraption is complete, search no more for Bryan Adams, for he will never have existed. Bwahahaha.

Chaucer Arafat said...

Just spun this, thrilled, more comments later, but I just wanted to thank Em for the visions of Butch and Sundance. Brings a tear...

Gillz said...

Iso, you be a-breakin' my heart with your meatloaf hatred. The only other person I've met who could say as unkind of things about meatloaf and his progenitors is my own mother who has been known to take my father's meatloaf cassette tape and chuck it from the window of our moving car after she tired of my father singing the lyrics to "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad"..............

Joe, I'm glad you like it. I was nervous. But not about Burt Bacharach. I knew he'd make for a golden splash in the nostalgias of only the coolest people.

ibid said...

Great Mix Gilllilililland.

A very eclectic mix, which I appreciated. I love the Dylan song you chose, and the Bowie offering.

Meat Loaf, like the meal, is perhaps better served with ketchup.
But, your recommendation serves well as the best kind of ketchup. I am not above acquiring a taste for something. I enjoy that it was on there period. Pure Emily.

I hadn't heard but devoured Beirut and Lonely, Dear. I am in your debt for those gems.

Gillz said...

good, I'm glad you liked L, Dear....I didn't at first. I thought they wanted to be a bad Sigur Ros. But the more I had it, the more it kept coming on and I had a few moments with it so I threw it on there. And Beirut is great. And so is Meatloaf. Next time my turn comes around, I'll give you a track that will not only acquire you a taste, but you'll be getting cravings you can't quite explain away..........

ibid said...

bring it. serve it up hot.

Chaucer Arafat said...

the devastations track is good, mopey as it may be. it has an arab strap vibe to it, and I really like the wild Neil Young-esque trainwreck guitar.

um, is it me, or has the Wolf Parade singer torn too many pages out of the Frank Black book?

other major highpoints include, with guilty pleasure, the BTO track. It is a solid 70's radio staple, of course, and it was probably playing on Arrow 101.1 anyhow, but I found myself driving up to class when it came on, and I belted out with all I had: "GOODBYE....MAHHlI mMalMA (represents Joe trying to sing unintelligible lyrics while driving)...DON'T CRY--WON'T YA LET IT RIDE!"

The Castlevania music gets much love. Can't ever go wrong with any of the Guthries. And I have to once again put in a vote for the Lonely, Dear song. At first I was a little repulsed and was thinkking "turn down the treble/nasaly caucasian knob for hell's sake" but then it grew on me. It has a repeating, mantra-like quality to it.

The capper for me was the M. Ward track with that gorgeous, gorgeous steel guitar playing. Whenever I hear someone play it, it just turns me to ice. It is a good hurt. Much, much appreciated.

And what is with the Meat Loaf hatred?

if the mixtape club vanished today, it already would have been a smash hit.

Thank you Em for the superb mix.

Gillz said...

also, i'm pretty sure it's Loney, Dear and not Lonely, Dear......need to check my sources, tho

isopraxis said...

Don't mind me. . . I'm just a miserable misanthrope mustering my malice for Meatloaf.

Although he did redeem himself a bit in fight club as the bitch titty fella. I would still secretly hi-5 your mom for her tape tossing though. *wink

Gillz said...

yeah, fight club's meatloaf was interesting. i prefer rocky horror picture show's meatloaf driving through a wall on a motorcycle, though.

i'll bite my tongue about my general distaste for heavy alliteration........... *non-sexually winks back*

Chaucer Arafat said...

Meat (space) Loaf. Meat (space) Loaf. C'mon people. Respect the Meat.

I prefer the Meat Loaf that claims to have unwittingly picked up a hitchhiking Charles Manson. And I prefer him with mashed potatoes.


isopraxis said...

Hark and hear how Henrietta helped herself to a huge, heaping, hefty helping of horribly hot horseradish; hence her harrowing howls were heard hurdling through Harrisburg here and heavenward.

Yeah yeah, my favorite figures of speech suck.

I was born and raised in a mercury mine, which I regret to this very day.

Stubb said...

There is nothing to regret, Isohatter. Mercury has many favorable properties, smart-making chief among them. But the Loaf: come on, dude. No one can hate one so buxom as he. I can hardly think of a finer wet nurse.

Forgive the intrusion, I'm not of your cochlear ilk. But I figured if you're making Landonian allusions, you will have a benevolent heart.

isopraxis said...

For sure, Stubb. Amidst all the sturm and drang, anyone who knows me knows that I place a high value on mischief and no value at all in malice. *non-sexual-winks-all-around*

Chaucer Arafat said...

*returning non-sexual winks with highly charged sexual winks all around*

Captain Admiral said...

*repeated, manic, perverted winks as I run, screaming, into the darkness with my pants around my ankles*

isopraxis said...

Next round- Afro-rhodesiac eskimo kisses.

Stubb said...

Iso: Sturm and drang? Methinks I know exactly what you mean. That is to say, methinks I know you. Pass this test if you can. Do Marshall's panties mean anything to you?

isopraxis said...

Hells yeah Stubb. Marshall's Panties mean everything to me.

I've attempted many a failed cartwheel in Marshall's panties. Sadly I've been craftless for a decade minus 3. I hear the jibbin' and bonkin' in canadian creeks is pretty sweet, but I haven't had a chance to try em out yet. Maybe next year.

Are you elementary, Dear Watson?

Stubb said...

Indeed I am, elementary that is. Send me an email, my child, so I won't be a blog clogger. Psst, I shouldn't be here anyway.

Chaucer Arafat said...

oh G, it isn't like this is a coronation or a catechism. you should be here.

wajok weiß said...

I'm still deciding if we should be maxome foes or Other.

There is a nasty burn to the diachronic unfolding of the mixtape guild. I have to wait my turn. As a result my mixlist has been molested one too many times by the appearance of many of my songs/artists on yesteryears tracklists. Like a true grifter, Joegerf unwound one of my picks, I saw some Caribou tracks on one of the mixes, and now Gillz... imagine my crest not fallen but in fact hyper imploded so that it now rests on the cap of my knee, like an annoying parrot of the shoulder sqwaking of my latest pillage.

No hard feelings, I understand the fundamentality of first come first serve, but the capstone of my mix has just expired with it's title and owner... Dying Miner - Woody Guthrie.


Straight proppin' on the rest. Although I could side with my fellow-hockey-buttrock-plagued Canadian in apprehensions, I digz me the gillzmix.

rice said...

i could be wrong, but i think the song "equus" was written after blonde redhead's female vocalist broke her jaw in an equine accident. she had to teach herself to sing all over again but still loves the beasts. just a nuggget.

teacher of fruit said...

Good mix. meat loaf rocks (have you seen Kacy/Pam/Russ attack "I won't do that"? It's fun for all.) the the the song. I know I've heard it, but I've never owned it. thanks.

isopraxis said...

I got my Gillz mix today. I must report with ecstatic glee that despite my previous paranoid apprehensions concerning Meat (space) Loaf, Gillz brough on the beauty and that I was most pleasantly surprised with the melange. My fears of hockey-rock induced vertigo were misplaced and I wanted to voice my appreciation.

I echo laurels particularily for the Blonde Redhead, Beirut and have had a soft spot in my head for The The.


James said...

I haven't told you yet but I think your mixtape is wonderful. I forgot about that The The song and now I've had it playing over and over in my apartment.

Dang it, I knew you were going to use that Man Man song. It's amazing with the current proliferation of music that any of us can overlap but then those things that are good still find their way to the top of the aural heap.

A pleasure to listen to all the way through. Sorry, I can't get on the Meatloaf wagon despite everyone's yays and nays. And Burt did make me happy. It's a great pastel drive through the country to listen to him.

Gillz said...

Haha, thanks, James. Looking forward to yours! Also, I'm headed back east in a couple of weeks to see my aunt and some old friends. How often do you see the Pews? We should all reunionize in the city so I can ask lots of questions about your lives as MFA kidz. Did you ever know Jen and Trevor from that English club or the Writing Center? And hey, actually, when DID you work for Sharon at the Writing Center? Maybe I'll send you an email.....expect it after a bit since I'm not sure what my internet access is going to be this week.

Glad you all dug the mix and since my ipod is on the fritz, I'm glad I have great grand amazing mixtapes to listen to the old-fashioned way on the plane this morning!!!!

Anonymous said...


If you're going to be in New York let me know, we'll meet up and see if we can get the Pews rounded up. I haven't seen them for a few months.

I worked for Sharon for only one semester though we became bosom buddies. It was the Winter semester of '06. I really should drop her an email. No, I didn't know Jen and Trevor.

My email is Let me know about visits and such. My nights are free while I'm training for this new job.

Captain Admiral said...

Yay for The The, Cat Power, Bowie, and Bacharach.

Boo for Meat Loaf.

and a Shrug for BTO. (a quick side note: when I was 15 ZZTop played at the MiniDome in Pocatallo. Their opening band? BTO. I shrugged then, I shrug now.)

Price said...

The entire Empire Records soundtrack was good. As is the entire The The collection. I can't think of a song I don't like on either.