May 17, 2007

a pilgrimage to the origins

The dog, crack in the cement and third step from the landing have been asking how I am in a mixtape guild when I am receiving mixcds.

July is coming and for the sake of not wanting to pull a knivesy-spoonsy on anyone I inquire as to who can support a dual spooled melange from me? You can have the cds and I will not curl my nose at you, but if you've got the player, raise it high upon your shoulder and let me know you want to put the "realthang" in the mix-realthang-tape guild.

Merci bien.



Chaucer Arafat said...

damn eiryn and her mind-reading power. I was just thinking how much i loved the warm analog bits and was further thinking of launching the idear in front of people.

I have a "deck" that plays "tapes". Dolby me!

Chaucer Arafat said...

and not to get snitty, but we did mention the connotation of the term "mixtape" in the nascent stages of this very blog.

tell that literalist dog, crack, and third step to broaden their understanding.

tres bien

caint waint

Captain Admiral said...

I'm trying to win the lottery between now and when my next recording is due. That way I can truly go 'to the origins' and hire 16-20 bands to come to my house and play one song each. You're all invited. I'll let you know how this endeavor is coming along. BYOB.

Enigma-Machinist said...

I got a walkman, for when i want to enjoy listening to the tunes from two decades past. But I can't find my Duran Duran tape of Rio! Who stole it?

Tell the truth though, I would rather accept your mix in the form of media in a fragile round and reflective type. Althought tapes are cool, I can actually do more with a CD. (Car, Computer, rip to iPod...etc)

teacher of fruit said...

I would'nt mind a tape. It's a weird thing because tapes seem to have such a short life that I savor them a smidge more and when their gone, I mourn their passing. I don't think it would be a good idea for everyone to pass back, but I wouldn't mind a couple of tapes now and again.

wajok weiß said...

I count two. Three hearts as one. I'll wait to hear more but glad to see some takers and glad that I don't have too many to make-ers?

Vincnt said...

i wish i had a deck to listen to legit mixtapes on. press your mix on vinyl and i'll love you forever!

wajok weiß said...

Ho Cuz,

I've been lookan around the isle for someone to throw something down on vinyl for me. Fruitless. Apologies.