Oct 14, 2007

Werewolves from Phoenix

Okay all, my October mix goes into the mail tomorrow huzzah huzzah. It's a mix of spooky and not-so-spooky and a lot of it is new to me, so hopefully y'all can find something new to you or at least pleasing to you. So: here eez zee leest:

1 David Bowie - Glass Spider
2 Beirut - Guyamas Sonora
3 A C Newman - Better than Most
4 Vitesse - Not Forever
5 13 & God - Perfect Speed
6 Cat Power - Werewolf
7 Björk & PJ Harvey - I Can't Get No Satisfaction
8 Air - Sexy Boy
9 José González - Killing for Love
10 Radical Face - Welcome Home
11 Murder by Death - I'm Afraid of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolfe
12 Tom Waits - Black Wings
13 *extra spooky track*
14 *extra ghostly track*
15 Of Montreal - Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse
16 Xiu Xiu - Save Me Save Me
17 Magnetic Field - A Chicken With His Head Cut Off
18 Electric President - Metal Fingers
19 Subtle - Nomanisanisland
20 Aphex Twin - Beetles
21 Meat Loaf - You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth

Also, did everyone get the new address list from mid-September? I've only received one mixtape since I moved to Mesa, so I'm just checking.

Much and much and much love, Gillz


Grifter said...


Black Wings. Stolen. But thass okay. I bet one of your "Xtra spooky tracks" is a hijack as well: entirely my fault for not getting my mix out sooner. First come, first supper. Send this soon...and oh yes, I got my updated address list. I highly suspect that the second go 'round will have quite a few more gaps than the first.

Gillz said...

You were going to send Lionel Richie's "Hello" on your mix, too?! Just kidding. I only wish I would have remembered to fit that song on.

ha, i was definitely afraid of that, that's why i jumped on here prematurely and not a week after i send these out. Yeah, i think i might be hijacking one of your'n BUT....maybe not. I actually just switched that track out last night from a song you might do to the song that you'll probably do for the sake of time (sake of time refers to my switching, not your doing). But I could try to finagle it back.....do you know how to cut songs down to the appropriate size and length to fit on a 1.2 hour cd? because if so, you can keep your spooky track and I can keep mine.

I'm burning them right now, so if you know anything, shoot advice and brilliance my way.

Gillz said...

nope, couldn't figure it out. *dons black ski mask and old-timey black-and-white striped jail onesy* I'm taking the two tracks bald-faced, with the iron will of a young boy and his dog sled team. Sorry, Grifter. Thanks for letting me ride your thunder.

ibid said...

Welcome Home huh?

I got the list as well. If September is any indication I think we can expect Joe's prediction to come true.

I look forward to this mix. I like being scared.

Grifter said...

well gillz, let me just say this, in the interest of seeing if we are overlapping. my mix is themed biographically: songs that have, at some point, terrified me. I am including on said mix, 2 tracks from the ultimate purveyor of childhood fear, Walt Disney. Does this give you an idea?

Gillz said...

No, no, no, I totally know what tracks you are referring to. But I wondered if maybe you were going to use one or the other, like I was. But, if you are including BOTH......then I will only overlap on one (the shorter of the two). Does this give you an idea? My ghostly song is not Walt Disney. But kinda ghostly. I think you'll appreciate more than most, but I'm not worried about overlapping you on it.

Gillz said...

By "ghostly" I am referring the track that is not "spooky". My spooky track is the overlapper. Not the ghostly. Now that we have that squared away....

rice said...

thanks. i got your cd (mine)today. another awesome job with the packaging. that's two in a row! i wish i could be that creative. who is vitesse? i like that track. good sound. and those sunlandic twins . . . i keep trying to find them annoying, but i can't help liking them.

ibid said...

i have been scared poopless. what a frightening mix. I loved the Bowie opener. I also love that you put meatloaf on a mix again. I sense that this will be a constant on all your mixes. I also really enjoyed Electric President (which is Radical Face's band before his solo effort of Radical Face...trivia I am sure you knew), good stuff. good shuff.

Favs that are new to my ears:
Not Forever
13 & God
Aphex Twin (creepy)
And I hadn't heard that Tom Waits song yet...so kudos.

Grifter said...


thanks for taking time during your busiest stretch to put together such a fine mix, both sonically and visually. I really liked the goosebumps picture in there, and anything that has you hand writing on it. I can tell you took time (just like you can tellI didn't). Thanks.

For the mix, this was another slayer, despite your abiding fascination with my least favorite Bowie tracks (not saying they're bad, just saying my preference is for Ronson-era Bowie). the 3-6 stretch is a crippler. I highly enjoy Vitesse (i think Rice said the same)..that is a standout track for me. Starting again with the Air track, the mix works wonders for me straight through to the end, even passing along 3 tracks that you yoinked first. When I hear the George Harrison song, I see a singing moose head and dancing clock and I am filled with terror. By the time we get to the squirrel playing the rowdy sax outro, I have pee jeans. One of the creepiest music videos in history.

OH yeah, the clincher and absolute highlight for me was Subtle. WOW. My first listen was a little superficial and I was thinking "these guys built their house too close to Linkin Parkville" but then I really cranked it and got into what was being said and was blown away. That song is my favorite on the mix, hands down. I like the sonically wide, sort of foreboding landscape underneath the odd, stacatto delivery...very genre morphing. These guys are my new favorites...I have heard Doseone's solo tracks, but never paid much mind. Put that band behind him though and--pow. I owe you big for this. I had no clue that they even existed.

My only greivance with the disc is that PJ Harvey / Bjork thing. Lawdy. I can't swallow it. It's like they're saying "Let's see how much pathos we can force into this cover that will climax to nothing..." But the greatness of Vitesse, Subtle, Tom Waits and AC Newman thrust the track from my mind. I look forward to your mixes every time gill.

Gillz said...

Thanks boys. I don't actually know much about Vitesse asides from I like them, and Darren, I had no idea about Radical Face and Electric President--that was sheerly coincidental so thanks for being in the know and for not minding me stuffing both tracks on there.

Joe, I swear I like other Bowie better, too, but I have this one random horrible album that I found for 3 bucks somewhere and figure that if I am going to have a chance at sending people new Bowie they don't have or possibly shouldn't have, Never Let Me Down is the album to pull them from. Haha, no more from that album anymore though, I swear. And I'm glad you liked Subtle--that was my new favorite too and I was hoping someone else would like 'em as well....I like the dark edge and the impact of it...it makes me curl my lips and furrow my eyebrows while I drive which I like.

The Bjork.....I like it. But I didn't like til after Dancer in the Dark. I guess I'm still in the mood for it. Blame Beau P. for that one.

Grifter said...

I can't blame anyone for liking it, of course. And I think what made me not like it was PJ herself..she doesn't have the range to really force low, bluesy growl into her voice and the end result sounded like something from the "Hot Topic: Now THAT'S What I Call Sad Music" soundtrack. Pure bathos--to me. and I am probably alone in that assessment.

Gillz said...

Hahahaha, now I really want to make that Hot Topic mix.......I've got a Fiona Apple cover of Nightmare B.C.'s "Sally Song"...that'd be perfect...what else could I throw on there..."My name is James" from that super lame Disney take on James and the Giant Peach (Hollywood always cuts out Dahl's original inclusion of axe-wielding dwarves that live in the clouds...)...Hot Topic would be all over that crap. I hate that really probably could make that soundtrack from the dregs of what my iTunes already holds. Maybe I can make some money off some emo kids with it.

isopraxis said...

My maiden name is Dahl. Seriously.
I got it from my mum.

I adore the hand-written liner notes. Good good job. You've got a hand that I could only envy and never emulate. Excellent capitals and exemplary numerals. If I could write like that, I would never type again.

I actually saw Bowie on the Glass Spider tour - a strange concoction of time and gravity where Duran Duran got boo-urnsed off the stage in a rowdy Edmonton stadium. Bowie opened the stage with the Kronos Quartet's version of purple haze (the string version of a young-goodman-brown's diabolic rapture.) I was completely gobsmacked.

Reminding me of a kid's in the hall sketch where two canoe paddling french voyageurs were trapping office workers for their business-wear. . . To finish up such a creme bruleé with Meat (space) Loaf, it shows spirit, eh?

High-ten from the north.

Grifter said...

"And many, many Armani..."

A Spooky Ghost said...


It's like we were born in the same womb with same pumped in soundtrack. Our music taste is eerily similar. Loved the mix. I might marry it. And I listened to it on Halloween to extra spook myself out.

Much love for Of Montreal. I love "Heimdalsgate like a Promethean Curse". I jammed that all summer to make myself happy. I just went and saw The New Pornographers in concert last month and AC was in top form. He started making fun of his own songs. It was priceless.

The Cat Power song, thank you. Never heard it. Loved it. The Bjork/PJ song debate: I liked it. And it was the first time I've ever liked that song. I can't get into the Stones really at all and once again I liked a cover of their songs more than the original.

Thanks for spooking me out.