Sep 20, 2007

35 depression

an end of summer pop cd. postmarked yesterday (oops.) arriving real soon.

did you see the words . animal collective
i send my love to you . palace brothers
golden sun . the elephants
sold! . enon
us ones in between . sunset rubdown
race you . figurines
where the hell is benny l? . the star no star
baby said . hot chip
lost to the lonesome . pela
goodbye princess . the failures
calliope! . the veils
slow down . boilermaker
mwyktcita&b? . cyhsy
the magic position . patrick wolf
utter dispair . liger
he gives us all his love . randy newman
autumn all the time . the sugarplastic
one that got away . the anomoanon
i will find you . simon joyner
hugging my grudge . the boy least likely to
up with people . lambchop

i didn't dig too deep in the trenches for these gems but i hope you find/like/love something new.


Grifter said...


rice said...

anyone know if there is a group called tigon?

Gillz said...

sweetface, I just got off the trail to find your package on my pillow. rarely before in my life have I been sent anything as fantastically cool and artsy as what you packaged up. Thanks for the extra work there. I think it got me points with my new roommates that I am a cool girl with cool friends that send mixtapes in the shape of cds. That said, I will listen away and tell you what I think real real soon.

Enigma-Machinist said...

Sweetface, I have rather enjoyed your mix. Just great picks. I particularly found favor in the Elephants. I need to listen to it all again. Thanks for sending those out.

wajok weiƟ said...

you had me at Hello, then lost me after 21 tracks of male vocals.

I dug it for the most part, good mix, lovan track three. But where are the ladies/children/vultures?

not too bad for a season premier though.

Grifter said...

that Pela track is like a flask of sweet nectar. I honestly spun it 30 times straight. A pop gem indeedy.

More thoughts soon. I had to get it on the table.

As for the disc/packaging aesthetics, I have said it before Sand: you are a gearl.

ibid said...

Great mix. The Animal Collective song is a great opener. I also really have been enjoying the mwyktcita&b? song. But I have listened to the disc a few times and haven't hit the skip button yet. kudos.