Oct 25, 2007

Fear is the Mind Killer

(click on picture for clearer playlist)

This mix is on its way. I couldn't pass up a theme this time, so similar to Gillz' mix, I have chosen songs that have disturbed, frightened, or outright terrified me at some point in my life.

I am a little disappointed in my effort this time around. There were a lot of tracks that I am missing, and a few bonus tracks that wouldn't burn for some odd reason. Maybe I will send these around in an email, and you can take them or leave them.

This mix will only be "effective" with patience, and a good form or transmission. I say pick a dimly lit room, put on some comfortable headphones, and strap on some fresh courage. Or, take a drive through dark trees with the windows down and the stereo up. This is a vast departure from what I wanted to include on my next mix, but I hope something resonates with at least one of you.

If I could include video on the disc (which I guess I could), a few more tracks would have been Herby Hancock's "Rockit," Grateful Dead "Touch of Grey," George Harrison "I Got My Mind Set On You," and a His Name is Alive video. These short films scared the poop out of me, and are still unnerving. I guess of all things, as a kid I found personification of non-persons the height of terror. What songs bothered/bother you, and why? I want to know.



Gillz said...

Grifter, have you listened to my mix yet? Harrison's ghostly song makes an appearance. I'm very very excited to get the mix and will make sure I drive to Flagstaff before listening so I can get the true autumn dimness as a background (what's scary about palm trees in sunsets?).

Grifter said...

I have spun it Gillz, and I have felt chillz.

My commentary is forthcoming, and I still enjoy you even though you stole 3 potential tracks from me.

ibid said...

I just got this and look forward to giving it a gander. I have two questions:

1. Concerning track 14: what is the full name of the band?

2. Concerning track 7: actually...I will wait until I have listened to ask question 2.

I can already tell you I love that Black Sabbath closes out the mix.

Gillz said...

Joe, just got the mix today, I plan to give a spin tomorrow before I go out on the trail to give you some feedback. Just in time for Halloween (good job).....also, I'm interested in the tracks you couldn't burn.....send them my way if you get the chance.

And thanks for Bowie's A.B. Very much appreciated.

Grifter said...

Darren: on track 14, the full name of the band is "David Bowie."

I will answer question 2 once it is asked.


ibid said...

damn my hide. I meant track 13.

As for question 2: why is after track by tool a shade over 2 minutes on your play list and just shy of 15 minutes on my play list?

I love the Disney track...that is honestly one of the scariest memories watching that section of film.

Grifter said...

Darren...your question tells me why all the songs weren't fitting on my mix. i used a third party mp3 trimmer to cut most of the crap off of the song, but it must not have edited the time stamp. Does the track actually play that long, or just read as being that long, because i made an extra mix and it only plays for a couple minutes. your inquisitiveness has helped me, young hound. what about the Bowie track...how long does it say it plays for? Because originally, for some reason, it had it at 19 minutes. So many questions just answered...

And track 13 is Nobukazu Takemura. Good catch.

ibid said...

The Bowie track plays for 3:05. the tool track plays for the whole 15.

BTW: I love the bowie track...and the Stones track. I haven't heard either prior.

Grifter said...

aw sucky. that's a huge error on my part. double damn.

oh well. i never really got behind this mix anyhow.

ibid said...

Now Joe that a downer. It is a grand mix. So says I. (insert butt-slap and a rousting "good game" here)

ibid said...

creepiest track...Goodbye Horses as it brings the image of skin being sewn into a woman suit for the confused and murderous Buffalo Bill to wear.

isopraxis said...

And I thought I was the only one to have macabre nightmares from Genesis P. Orridge and his rhythmically pulsating connective tissues.

I don't have to be scared alone any more.


I'm baffled by the depth of the well.

Most folks never have to dig that deep, let alone for the sheer pleasure of delving. How one can find the sublime in displacing mother-earth one spadeful at a time is beyond my capacity - I, who displaces a tarnished teaspoonful with pleasure and gets certain strange satisfaction of never getting to he bottom of the infernal hole.

The gold in these hills is solely in the teeth of those digging away at them. The way the good Lord meant it to be.

Covet not thy neighbor's teeth.

rice said...

i put the cd in before i took a shower and was putting on lotion when goodbye horses came on. you bastard!

Grifter said...

ha. i guess i don't have to give you the hose again, rice.