Jul 27, 2007

Rudeeee! Theeeeo! Waaalrusss!

Another tidbit I ran across: Rubber Souled - Beatles songs covered by your favorite Soul artists. From Stevie Wonder's funked out version of We Can Work It Out to a nightmare inducing Bill Cosby cover of Sgt Peppers. It is phree for download here.


Gillz said...

I haven't had time to check out your link yet, but I had to give you a kudos for the great vintage Huxtable shot. What I wouldn't give to be the weird white girl that shows up every few episodes like the uber-Jew Adam Sandler or the porky little mute boy. You know who I'm talking about.

isopraxis said...

Aah yes, to be a member of the non-loud-sweater-wearing-Cosby-show-outgroup on the set. Where is that porky little mute boy anyway? I need the E True Hollywood Story on the porky little mute boy.

But I digress. . . For those who liked part 1, there is also a Rubber Souled pt 2 for download. We can work it out.

James said...

Everyone come to my neighborhood. I live in the Huxtibles' neighborhood! I keep waiting for Rudy to run out of the house and Theo and Cockroach to leave high fiving each other.

Gillz said...

Oh, Iso....I laughed out loud at "E True Hollywood Story on the porky little mute boy." If only people like you and I were in charge of television scheduling and production.

James, I forgot to tell you. I told the Pews, namely Emily Pew, about how you live in the Huxtable's hood and she tried to one-up you by telling me that she actually SAW Clair Huxtable, the unforgettable Phylicia Rashad, at the supermarket in Yonkers. Oh the jealousy I harbor for my Cosby-affiliated New Yorker friends. I need to run into Robert Redford on his horse pretty quick here if I'm planning to keep up on this regional celebrity game.

isopraxis said...

This has nothing to do with anything, but I had the weirdest dream last night. I was somehow booked to sing in some smoky bingo hall in Jackpot. It was somewhere around 1962, there were sharp-finned cadillacs everywhere all the ladies were dressed like Hepburn (Audrey) and all the chaps were wearing James Bond suits (vintage Connery style).

I got up on the stage and burned the place down with my big-band rendition of that catchy swinging song from RATM; 'Killing in the Name'

Sing it with me. . . 'Some of those who work forces, bah dee ba da da, are the same who burn crosses.'

The best thing about it is that I would LURVE to hear this song done in big-band / sinatra / sammy davis style.

Grifter said...

"those who died are justified...da dum dum do...by wearing a badge they're the chosen whites!"

i would pay pure gold to see a movie of that dream

Grifter said...

Also, I thought that Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine had covered this one, but it was Renegades of Funk. So close.

Captain Admiral said...

and speaking of random celebrity-ness...I work in the Idaho Falls airport and have occasionally seen a few, including:

Lou Ferigno
Blue October
Dennny Crum
Les Claypool
Dawn Wells
Harrison Ford
Sophie B. Hawkins
a Jack Nicholson impersonator
Merrill Hoge and Yo Murphy (local sports boys made good)

Big whoop. It's hard to be an adoring fan when (for example) Les Claypool comes to your counter with his wife and kids on their way to see West Yellowstone. It seems out of place to throw him the devil-horn-hand-signal with a hearty "Yoo rawk!", when they're just being normal folks.

Vincnt said...

nice! you can also get rubber souled pt. 3here.