Jul 17, 2007

dj r.p. mcmurphy live @ the cuckoo's nest

1. Into The Woods 5:21 My Morning Jacket Z 2005
2. Up Above The Sea 3:41 John Vanderslice Cellar Door 2004
3. Brain Damage 4:07 Roger Waters In The Flesh [Disc 2] (Live) 2000
4. So So Sick 1:55 Unrest B.P.M. (1991-1994) 1995
5. Not Like the Other Girls 5:46 The Rasmus Dead Letters
6. She's Losing It 2:22 Belle & Sebastian Tigermilk 1999
7. The Cask Of Amontillado 4:33 The Alan Parsons Project Tales Of Mystery & Imagina 1976
8. Mistaken Point 3:00 Flin Flon Boo-Boo 1999
9. Rocky 3:44 Butthole Surfers Hairway To Steven 1988
10. Creep/the blower’s daughter (live at Glastonbury 2004) 2:19 Damien Rice Q - Glastonbury Jukebox 2004
11. Decomposing Trees 4:06 Galaxie 500 On Fire [Bonus Tracks] 1989
12. The Great Escape 3:18 We Are Scientists With Love And Squalor 2005
13. I Wanna Die 1:49 Adam Green Friends Of Mine 2003
14. In Your Mind 3:46 Built To Spill Ancient Melodies Of The Future 2001
15. Mama's Room 3:55 Under the Infuence of Giants Under the Infuence of Gia 2006
16. Crazy (Gnarls Barkley cover) 4:15 Ray LaMontagne
17. Never Be OK 4:11 Versus Two Cents Plus Tax 1996
18. One Step Beyond 3:32 Madness Total Madness: The Very Best Of 1979
19. Red House 3:45 Shudder To Think 50,000 B.C. 1997
20. Wrecking Now 2:33 Guided By Voices Do The Collapse 1999
21. Tragedy 2:57 Young Love Young Love 2006
22. Things To Do Today - 1.) Try 4:00 True Love Always Hopefully 1998


Captain Admiral said...

Benjamin. I really really love that you put the Butthole Surfers on here. I also had a grande smile on my face when I heard "Hey you, don't vatch dat, vatch dis!" with the heavy heavy monster sounds of Madness. Also dug the My Morning Jacket. Was intrigued by the Ray La M. cover of Crazy. The jury is still out. I'll comment more after more listening. Bueno.

Grifter said...


I heartily apologize for not commenting on this mix sooner. This is a hearty mix...and I doff my hat to you for having the cajones to put the Alan Parson Project on your mix. I can't stop spinning the first 4 tracks. I really enjoy the Vanderslice and Unrest songs. Thanks for the intro to Unrest. I want to find out more.

Other highlights for me include the Butthole Surfers track--pure nostalgia. I also think "ancient Melodies.." is an overlooked BTS album, but it is one of my favorites. Guided by Voices: wonderous. The closing track is also excellent, and I am seeking more info on the creators.

I am very fond of this mix. Thank you for the gift.

James said...

I keep sitting down to write some comprehensive comments on the CD as a whole and I'm always daunted by this. I started at least five comments. Here's just a few thoughts.

There's definitely an arc in feeling for me with this. I dug that.

Some of my favorite songs: She's Losing It and The Great Escape. Always been a Belle and Sebastian fan. Great song. Wasn't familiar with it. We are Scientists give me a real nostalgic feeling for the year I was listening to them non stop. Thanks for that.

ibid said...

I was out of town for a time so I just had a listen. There was such a array of sounds, and that is to be lauded. I really liked: MMJ (obviously), John Vanderslice (who apparently I stole the CD name from, that is 2 over laps for us), Belle & Sebastian, Built to Spill, and Guided by Voices.

well played sir.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I forgot the Vanderslice track. Great pick. Spun this a bunch of times.

rice said...

thanks for the comments everyone. they are affirmation. warning: abbreviated band names ahead. i visited a building in harpers ferry, wv where e.a. poe's ghost resides. fortunato's ghost haunts me. some of these artists have ties to the dc area. unrest is pre-flin flon mark robinson who operates a record label with TLA and VS. STT were on dischord. i saw BTS in slc. not a great performance, but still a great show. it was a goal of mine to see them when i moved to IF. that was 8 yrs ago. finally! again, thanks for listening and commenting. ?s are welcome.