Jul 13, 2007

Cellar Door

This Mix has been sent.

1. Minimum Wage -- They Might Be Giants
2. Hardwood Pews -- Horse Feathers
3. The Universe! -- Do Make Say Think
4. Am I Wry? No -- Mew
5. Sandstorms -- Viking Moses
6. A New England -- Billy Bragg
7. Big Bad John -- Jimmy Dean
8. Death In The Sea -- Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
9. That Summer At Home I Had Become The Invisible Boy -- The Twilight Sad
10. Dumb Animals -- Handsome Furs
11. Bermuda Highway -- My Morning Jacket
12. Welcome Home -- Radical Face
13. Lubbock Love Song -- Sleepy Horses
14. Damage -- Yo La Tengo
15. You Miss Your Candyman -- Terry Callier


rice said...

oh, man, we doubled up on mmj this month. bermuda highway is gorgeous. we shall convert the non-believers with the powerof mixtapes. hallelujah!

Chaucer Arafat said...

Just got Rice's mix in my mail slot (the literal one, for you perverse guild members). The MMJ opener was perfect..I'll comment more on Rice's later. But there I was thinking: I love MMJ, and my favorite track of theirs is probably Bermuda Highway with the night sounds, lonely guitar, and untouchable vocals. And then presto. The Hound.

These mixes just became crucial for me: my Mac recently wiped out my iPod...about 2,000 songs, most of which I hadn't backed up anywhere.

July is going to be an intense month for mixes. And needed.

ibid said...

Rice: I had no idea, my apologies. I assume they are at least different songs which is good, because boy, would my face be red.

Joe: My flag is at half-mast (the literal flag, for those perverse enough to think otherwise) for your loss. I would swear then cry bitterly.

Gillz said...

Horse Feathers hooray, Minimum Wage haha (I forget your are a fan of theirs), and Yo La Tengo's "Damage" is a song that destroyed me to the very edges but kept me hanging alive nonetheless just so I could go back, get happy, then return and be destroyed all over again.

I'm SO looking forward to your mix, Darren. I want to see what you are like these days.

Vincnt said...

i just finished listening to this mix and i must say i liked it much. i have little more to say about it beyond that. thank you sir. it was a nice mix. very nice.

James said...


So you know how much I love the Damage and Bermuda Highway songs. Really, really fantastic.

The Mew song has found a place inside my skull cavity. I've had it ringing there for a week at least. Your album has been on the repeat cruising the highways of air in my apartment while I read Harry Potter and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Sandstorms is a truly beautiful song. It gave me the melancholic. Thanks for the introduction.

Other new favorites: The Universe! Something about that song just gets me all muddled inside.

And once again, a gentle reminder that I need to check out Billy Bragg. Since I still haven't.

Joe: I remember the day my computer crashed and made my music go to the digital afterlife. I still wake up in the sweats. I mourn, brother.

Grifter said...

I love this mix. Too much. I could listen to Minimum Wage 40 times in a row, and not stop lauging. I love the Mew track--which I hadn't heard. Insane transitions and vocals, and a great baritone sound. Like I told you, the Sandstorms song has grown on me, because it seems to be literaly sounding like its title, I imagine (never been in a true sandstorm, which I imagine would sound like suck). Some mystery. I enjoy Viking Moses more. And the Jimmy Sausage Dean track! I have looked for that since the bygone days of driving in Beesley's dad's Dodge pickup, spinning his old dusty cowboy casette tapes. Thank you.

I had heard the Twilight Sad track from CMJ, but hadn't really played it at full. It has some impassioned vocals. It has grown on me also. Coincidentally, last night I was watching the Rob Reiner film "Stand By Me" (based on the Stephen King short story "The Body") and the narrator, recalling his childhood, said, "That summer at home, I had become the invisible boy". A ha.
MMJ and Radical Face--too good. And Damage has been one of those songs that has always hit hard. I had given it a few years rest and was pleased to see it resurface via this mix. Sterling mix young Hound, sterling.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I played the Minimum Wage track for about ten people now. It gives me a laugh every time. Why are the Giants such unrivaled genius? For some reason, I tried to quell my nerdy love for them. But I confess sometimes I sing "A Little Birdhouse In Your Soul" while I'm walking.