Nov 10, 2007

Space is a Lonely Place

So yeah, it took a while to mail, but I have had it finished for a while. Thanks for being patient... again.
So here is my space concept mix

01 Muse | Space Dementia
02 Queen | Flash
03 Belle & Sebastian | A Space Boy Dream
04 My Morning Jacket | Rocket Man
05 Air | Surfing on a Rocket
06 David Bowie | Space Oddity
07 Flaming Lips | Vein of Stars
08 They Might Be Giants | Space Suit
09 Peter Schilling | Major Tom
10 Radiohead | Subterranean Homesick Alien
11 Smashing Pumpkins | Spaceboy
12 Grandaddy | So You'll Aim Toward The Sky

There were other songs and artists I could have included in the mix. Some were silly or spastic. I think the point of this album was to show how the vast black emptiness can make one melancholy. Our space heroes either to long for home or to keep exploring with no hopes of returning.
Raise your glass to the astronauts and cosmonauts of the past, present, and future.

PS: Included in the same package is Stacey's (Che's) mix. Hope you enjoy both.


Grifter said...

this mix is packed to the gills with solid classics. it is a great listen, and relaxing. space is nothing more than an infinite futon, i'd wager. what a chill place, the cosmos...

I always like Queen. If anyone puts any Queen song on any mix, I am an instant fan, any anytime. And I liked hearing a track from Siamese Dream, which I haven't listened to in ages. Spacey, trippy, and I personally enjoyed the flow between tracks. I thought that "Pizza Rocket" was going to make it onto the mix, but I was glad it didn't. Thanks mang.

Che-you'll never read this, but your mix makes me want to break glass. It is a perfect listen for my angsty days. I have always loved the end of Disorder where Ian Curtis shouts "I've got the Spirit, but lose the feeling..". Thrilling. Thrillhouse.

Enigma-Machinist said...

Glad you liked it. I was getting a little nervous without commentary.

ibid said...

I have really been enjoying this mix. In fact, anytime you have They Might Be Giants and My Morning Jacket anywhere at the same time, count me in. But to add Bowie, Queen, and Radiohead, bless you.
The Schilling tune took me back a ways, I haven't heard that i years plus a few more years...thanks for that.

rice said...

have to say this is the best mix i've heard. i keep playing it. even though i have most of these songs already, they sound fresh in this sequence. i also like the idea of a concept for some reason. my concept is a little too harsh for this time of year, so i'll be sending my mix after the holiday cheer has fizzled. i think i'll go explore now. thanks.

eirynjakob said...

Che-the time has not come for your mix yet (I kind of obsess over music for months at a time and don't give others a chance). It does stare at me from my console though... I promise commentary will come.

To almost quote Fubar, "Troy funking blows"

No reflection on the mix, just the mixmaster. Listen, I love space, can't wait for them to built spacey tourist traps so that I can frequent them in the bleak days of winter when leaving this planet seems so alluring, only then will I be able to do it an a less self destructive way. What I'm getting at is the mix made me about as heavy as a black hole's singularity. When track last ended I thought to myself, "if what I'm hearing is true, then I don't want to ever be in space, it's lonely." And then I cried some disillusioned tears (you think I'm lying) and set my sights on the centre of the earth.

Thanks for the education. I've never been a fan of classics, nor Queen, just an area I've never sought out or been introduced to but really am enjoying it.

basically, cheers.