Jun 12, 2007

Scots bats and angry country acts--yeah it rhymes, get over it.

Her she be in all her glory. I'll be sending this out on Wedendsay the 13th--enjoy

1-I Was a Lover—TV On The Radio
2-Weekends of Sound—764-HERO
3-New Birds—Arab Strap
4-Clarinet—The Delgados
5-The Sheep Have Been Reupholstered—Purr Bats
6-Made You Feel That Way—Blackalicious
7-Sci-Fi Wasabi—Cibo Matto
8-The Fightin’ Side of Me—Merle Haggard
9-I’m Atlanta Bound—Gene Autry
10-Hard Time Killing Floor Blues—Skip James
11-Sign On The Window—Bob Dylan
12-With You—Flaming Lips
13-Olympic Cyclist—Ballboy (this is one that just sort slipped onto the mix…I’m not sure it belongs.)
14-Keep it Together—Aqueduct
15-I’m Straight—Modern Lovers
16-Anthrax—Gang of Four
17-He’s Dumb (Wives of Farmers)—Grandaddy
18-The Earthquake of ’73—Fruit Bats
19-Asymetrical Threats—Maserati


Chaucer Arafat said...

Damn you! I feel Eiryn's (and others) pain at having to cross songs off my own future mix! I'm Straight by Modern Lovers just got nixed. Johnathan lives..dern. Dern.

excitement, she wrote.

isopraxis said...

Nice, I cain't wait to get this mixture.

Captain Admiral said...

ah geez. I usually don't look at these things without giving the disc a spin first, but for some reason I looked and...I concure with Chaucer...Damn you!

Somehow "Sci Fi Wasabi" didn't make my first disc and I swore that it would be on my second. I still giggle at the way they can actually rhyme the words "Obi Wan Kenboi told me in the lobby".


Yer mix looks good. I look forward to it. And I have no one to blame but myself for missing the Cibo Matto boat.


teacher of fruit said...

sci-fi wasabi is my favorite urban cycling song ever (Bike lanes glowing all over the city/my bike specializes in the nitty-gritty--I'm passing on the right, don't get snotty with me.)

Chaucer Arafat said...

I am surprised that no one has written here recently. This mix is a dragon. I am hooked on it.

Lots and lots of standouts for me, including the long string of blues/country/folk around the middle of the mix, sandwiched between Cibo Matto and the Flaming Lips for hell's sake.

You already know my feelings on the Modern Lovers. I think that song is one of the greatest ever. My wife and I sing Jonathan Richman constantly around the house--he has a pop hook that sets deep.

Also, I loved the 764-Hero track and have cause to celebrate by looking further into them. The Maserati closer was the perfect send away.

Thank you very much Russ.

Anonymous said...

Summer makes us lazy animals. The heat stretches the days out and we've lost track. I apologize for my hiatus. I'm back with a fury.

I've been listening to this mix. TV on the Radio is starting to grow on me, JOE. "I Was a Lover" is pretty much awesome. Great opening pick, Teach.

I'm glad to see someone else like Aqueduct. Some bands just make me happy when I listen to them. Their song using lines from The Princess Bride kills me.

I know of Merle and have listened to Merle but not extensively. The whole mix has been filling up the aural space in my apartment but this song makes me hit the repeat button.

Great mix. I may have some new favorites as I listen further.

Oh, and my mix is going out friday. Sorry for my delay.

Gillz said...

My apologies, too....I've spent this summer very selfishly (and it's none of your business, Rus, what I have or haven't done with anybody on these plane rides to and from anywhere) and I, too, blame the heat of the sun. Rus, this mix makes me miss running into you on the RayB's 4th floor. I love the Merle and Gene Autry tracks and both the Purr Bats and the Fruit Bats. And I'm glad you stuck Olympic Cyclist on there...I say it fits, and I say I like it very much. The Maserati is really fine, too, and I'm sitting here in a bit of a daze from it.

I be writing more specifically as it comes to me, but I wanted to shout out to Rus that I adore this mix as I also adore soul. Cheers and thanks!!!!!

ibid said...

I have looked at this post of a set list for a while now. Each time, I thought i had posted my thoughts. Obviously I am mildly deficient in mental capacities as there is no comment from me, at all.

This was a great mix. I thought it flowed nicely...as though you followed the guidelines set forth in High Fidelity. I admit, like The Gill, that i am glad the Olympic Cyclist made it on the mix..a great song.

Other gems:
Hard Time Killing Floor Blues
With You (the Flaming Lips was the first concert I went to back in 1994...too bad they opened for Candlebox)
Gang of Four
Asymetrical Threats

Sweet mix overall.

Anonymous said...

Ok, this mix is genius. I love this frickin mix. It's been playing in the background for days and days and now. I just sent out mine and I'm hoping that it flows from song to song as well but I seriously doubt it. In fact I know it.

So many songs grew on me until I loved them. I haven't listened to Cibo Matto in a while even though I did go see her in concert back in 98 and I love that song. I just keep digging it.

Darren, remember we have talked about how we went to that same tour? I also attended the Flaming Lips and sat through about three songs of Candlebox before leaving.

teacher of fruit said...

Cheers all.

eirynjakob said...

alright, happy belated commenting!

months later, almost year, and this mix just keeps spinning. A few scratches near the end like to dabble in the remix, but other than that it's just delicious.