Jun 4, 2007

. . . and the horse I sat down on

*alert* The Isopraxis mix has been mailed to the guild today, so within 5 to 7 days, you should be recieving it. *alert*

And Matthias and Giuseppi, be expecting some cultural contraband and commie timepieces to mark your hours along with the musics.

And for those who want a peek at the playlist, here it is below in the rot13

Track 8 is by one of my cowtown friends: Tariq

Track 21 What I lovingly call the 'Anschluss Bonanza', is better if you imagine it sung by an SS cowboy, but really, what isn't?

1. Pybnx naq Qnttre / Gur Hcfrggref 4:09
2. V Tbg Gb Gryy Lbh / Qe. Bpgntba 0:48
3. Oynpx Furrc - Guvf be Gung 4:01
4. Ybatwbua / Obqrafgnaqvt 2000 2:53
5. Fphon (Nzba Gbova erzvk) / Obabob 4:20
6. Pbashfvba / Gur Mhgbaf 3:32
7. BX Jvgu Zl Qrpnl / Tenaqnqql 6:11
8. Purreyrnqre'f Cnenqr / Gnevd 3:46
9. Uhaqerq Zvyr Uvtu Pvgl / Bprna Pbybhe Fprar 3:55
10. Gur Rivy Qbcr / Cuvy Cuvyyvcf 3:30
11. SYNG ORNG / ZE.BVMB 5:16
12. Qrre Fgbc / Tbyqsencc 4:06
13. Zbeavat Zvfg / Zbhagnvarre 3:50
14. Naq Gurl Ybbx Oebxra Urnegrq / Sbhe Grg 5:09
15. Zl Ornhgvshy Sevraq / Puneyngnaf HX 4:34
16. V Fubhyq Unir Xabja Orggre / Jver 3:52
17. Gur Tbbq & Gur Onq Thl / Zl Oevtugrfg Qvnzbaq 4:16
18. Erq Onyybba / Gur Fznyy Snprf 4:13
19. Gensvx Pnaninev / Naxnenyv Ghethg 3:47
20. Tha Pbpxrq, Chzcrq & Fubg / Fcrpvny Rssrpg
21. Obanamn / Enys Cnhyfra 2:09


Chaucer Arafat said...

Communince Paraphagearia.

Oh Jonnsly. This mix is going to slay.

Wyatt said...

Its good to know that we are not the only ones missing Mexico. My dads address is 355 NE Golf Course Dr. Newport, OR 97365 He will be happy to hear from you.

wajok weiƟ said...

Just as my brother's nostalgia of never being 18 again is about to set in, you slip him the old
"this or that".

To quote joesir, "going to slay."

Chaucer Arafat said...

holy sidecar of nostalgia slamming me into the ground..."you can get wi' this, or you can get wi' that.."

Oh man. 3 tracks in and i am loving.

Chaucer Arafat said...

i failed to read Eiryn's prior comment, but i concur to the nth.

Enigma-Machinist said...

I don't think i got this mix.
Lost in the mail?

isopraxis said...

It should be there soon enigma. I sent it south on the fastest postal dogsled I could find, so it may take a couple more days if they had polar bear trouble or ran out of seal meat to feed the pups.

Captain Admiral said...

J Rex,

I've been playing this one all day long. Thanks for the inspired lunacy of Dr. Octagon, the old skool of da Black Sheep, Tim Burgess and co.'s evolved shoe gazing, and last but certainy not least, Mr. freakin' Oizo.

Well done sir.

Chaucer Arafat said...


i will thank you outside of here for the acoutrements, but for now, the disq...the Bonobo track has gotten the most play so far. I just love the textured layers and intricacies. I also enjoy the Ocean Colour Scene song, recognizing it (as I often have to chance upon good musics) from the opening scene of 'Lock, Stock..."

I know we have spoken about the Four Tet Nino Rota song prior, but the more i listen, the more I realize about the syncopation and timing of that song and I get carried under. There is something novel about every listen. After the tape effect on the strings, when the steady kit comes in with that 6/8 to the cymbals, i just get absorbed in the sound. Incrivel..

And I want everyone who reads this to be witness to the following: when I die, I have an agreement from my brother that he will play something on the pipes (Loch Lomond or some such). After the coffin is lowered, if any one of you are there, will you blast Ralf Paulsen's 'Bonanza' over the graveyard?

That song is a life changer for me.

Broken mold jonny, shattered.

isopraxis said...

Let me say quickly that I bow deeply and humbly to the compliments, with the significant note that in all this, I am a simple spectator and perhaps clumsy collector of things. If only I could make the leap of faith to construct such things of sardonnic appeal then I could, perhaps, truly be gratified. Soy soldado sin guerra!

That said, and with the ever latent wishes to make the musics with my brothers, I declare this sonic olympiad a success because I have already been paid back more than tenfold. So many gems that my single set of ears would never have heard without my beloved Cochlea Plunder Guild.

I salute the collective!

teacher of fruit said...

Very addictive. Very good. (and very pretty--you people in Canada have it all: Health care, polar bears, mullets, and a good senses of aesthetics.)

ibid said...

I haven't commented yet...oops. I am sorry.

A very eclectic mix, which is what I anticipated. I love Mountaineer. It was nice to see them represented. I also really liked being reminded of the inherent dangers of dope.

"This or That", killer.