Mar 26, 2007

Dye A Log

Let us talk. Some items...

1) Teh Blogggg

I think everyone's status on the blog is set to admin. Feel free to post. This is for everyone.

2) The Mixes (once they begin)

We need to discuss a schedule for mixes. My thought is, depending on how many members join, that we break into teams. Lets suppose we have 12 members. I was initially thinking of 6 teams of 2 (and I use "team" strictly in the sense of "a collective of members who create mixes in the same month"--there is no mandate to collaborate or anything of the sort). Okay, so, 6 teams of 2 would allow everyone to create 2 mixes per year. This schedule offers ample time for digestion of the mixtapes, which I find is necessary. By my way of thinking, being bombarded with 5 or more mixtapes is rarely good. HOWEVER, I also realize that the concept of mixtape clubs is a sort of indirect narcissism. It is a selfish act, creating a mixtape for someone else--it gives as much if not more pleasure to the creator than to the recipient. It's a blatant "look at me!" mechanism, and I think the more often we produce mixtapes, the more involved people will remain. I was in a mixtape club before this one (a club whose name I can't mention) and I think part of the reason that it fizzled out was because of how spread-out the schedule was. There were 2 people a month who created mixes, and if they failed to do so, many people didn't feel rewarded enough to contribute the following month. So, I propose that we do the following: arrange the schedule so that we would each be creating a mixtape every 3 months or so. Either 4 teams of 3, or 3 teams of 4. Please chime in on this.

3) Content

We can't limit any content. Everything is fair game. Everything. I hasten to insert the caveat that, perhaps if something on our mixtape could be seen as strongly offensive, we might want to offer a disclaimer before guild members listen. I don't know a lot of you, and I can't gauge your sensitivities. I really have no sensitivities, aside from cats in renaissance clothing, so I don't mind what goes on, but some people might. Even if it is Frou Frou's "Let's Go" (sorry Troy). It all has to be fair game, that is the guiding ethos of the guild.

4) Aesthetics

I mentioned that I was a member of a mixtape club prior to this one. I think another reason that it went under was that there was a subtle game of one-upsmanship with regards to the decoration of the mixtapes. No kidding. People kept trying to make more hip and exciting designs to accommodate their music. Some of it was really good, because it bolstered the theme of the mixtape. But I don't think we should impose any rule stating that we have to decorate our mixtapes. We can mail them in a clear jewel case with no identification whatsoever, if we feel like it. If we want to hand-draw the Harlem Globetrotters on the disc and encase the case in Astroturf, that is fine too. The guild knoweth no limits.

My goal is that, by Sunday, membership will at least be finalized enough to where we can get the first 2 or 3 months schedule hammered out, and I can randomize a schedule for the guild. Please post your thoughts below, and once again, if you have yet to do so, send a reliable physical mailing address to I will collect them all and redistribute them to everyone. Also, a few of you have suggested friends, to whom I have extended invites. None of them have enrolled yet, so please encourage them to do so. If they need me to resend the invite, I will, but weez gots to be swift on this. Lets get moving.



Vincent said...

hmmmm...these rules sound nice. however, i am wondering...since there is a possibility of myself being out of the country when my turn comes around, if it would be acceptable to zip and yousendit the mp3 files. you could then easily post the link on the blog so as to make it easy for all guild members to access the mix.

Chaucer Arafat said...

(stroking beard, one brow raised...)

hmmm...I see no problems with this suggestion. Clever.

Welcome to the guild.

Gillz said...

hey........there's a possibility I could be out of the country for about a year-ish, too, but I'd still rather mail out. Is anyone going to be cheezed about having to spend a bit extra on the postage if'n I leave to Japan? I promise to make it worth everyone's while and package my cds with plenty of cool anime stamps...IF I go....

Also, my vote would be four groups of three since my musical shelf-life is a bit more lengthy and getting four mixes a month might make it easy for me to accidentally overlook people and become a bit burned-out myself getting stuff ready to send every three months. But I'm willing to adapt to whatever the concensus is.

ibid said...

I second what Emily said, I too would prefer 3 a month as I would like time to give each selection a good listenin' to. And, I have no problem shelling out more so those traveling can enjoy the Guild.

Chaucer Arafat said...

Good call Em. I personally don't mind the postage fees, but you know me, rollin' deep and such.

Depending on how long we draw this out, I might also be out of the country for part of the mixtape sendin' and gettin'...But perhaps, by then this guild will only linger fondly in the hearts and minds of all the guilders. Besides, there ain't no postal system where I'm goin'.

I agree with Gillz and Ibid that 4 groups of 3 would be optimal. But we will, of course, wait for a majority opinion.

You guys are so above the rim it is ridiculous.

wajok weiƟ said...

I haven't had an address in years, but I have always been a regular at some spot long enough to manipulate their mailing address into mine. I'll share an address and a motion of four groups of three.

Enigma-Machinist said...

That baby facehugger is so cute. I was like, 'awwww...!'

My addy is about to change.... again! I am contemplating getting a PO Box, because I move every 4 months. My junkmail has been successfully scattered across Rexburg and can be found in numerous mailboxes of my post-habitatations.

As for the rules. Whatever makes people happy is fine with me. I might piss and moan in the future with regards to what people send me. (I will try to keep my distain for Chaucer's mixes to myself.) But honestly I am really interested to her what people are trying to pass on to me. Decoration on the CDs would be cool, but not necessary. I hope that the mixes will at least have an included playlist, or a playlist posted here on the forum.

Chaucer Arafat said...

Oh YES. Troy, and all his ridiculous future mixes, have brought up a good point.

I think a rule, hard and fast, should be to include a tracklist with each mixtape. I will try include the tracklist for each CD here on the blog, and we can comment and slap backs and shake fists in anger in the comments section.

Chaucer Arafat said...

and excellent...Eiryn showed up.

high five amiga.

Captain Admiral said...

Wow, I feel like the least cosmopolitan soul on here thus far. I currently have no plans to leave the country. Ever. Unless you want to count the Ammon opium den as "outside the country." I think I would be in favor of the 4/3 groups to member ratio.

Chase the dragon, ya'll.

Chaucer Arafat said...


At long last, the prospect of snark toward my horrible mixes has teased you out from your depths!

This is a huge day. A big ol' hugey day.

Chaucer Arafat said...

And does a poppyseed muffin (or 7 of them in 1 sitting) qualify as Dragon Chasing?

Captain Admiral said...

After confering with the judges...yes, yes indeed poppy seed muffins will count as 'chasing the dragon.' Mass quantities of caffeine would also be allowed as a substitute albeit a poor one.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for the 4 teams of 3 stratagem. I'm a slow burn kind of guy. I like to have those mixtapes stirring in my brain parts.
I agree with Josephus. Too many tapes makes Tonto one confused sidekick.
Just to be cool, I will also say that I'm going to be out of the country. Here, New Jersey seems like another country. And I think I know that opium den you speak of. Good times! Opium!

Joe, where is this crazy place sans post? How will we reach you? What if you die and we can't send you a letter of condolence? I laid awake all night thinking of it.

Chaucer Arafat said...

Ah Seamus, worry not my lad. Details of the Griffin exile forthcoming.